Sep 22

Burnt Sugar Cake

Thank goodness I finally got around to making Kenny a birthday cake.  His birthday was actually several weeks ago.  We have just been so busy working and traveling I haven’t had a chance to do much baking.
burnt sugar cake
Kenny, on several occasions, has specifically requested a Burnt Sugar Cake like his sweet Nana used to make.  I had never even heard of this cake until Kenny brought it up.  I tried to make one several years ago and it was a total disaster.  I was trying to make the cake by scratch and the frosting and the burnt sugar and everything and it was just an epic fail.

Lucky for me Kenny’s sweet cousin Julie happily shared the recipe that she uses with me and I hit a home run this time!  I took the easy way out and used a box cake mix, but I made the burnt sugar and the frosting and I have to say it turned out pretty yummy.  It is super sweet and a little caramel flavored so it doesn’t take much to hit the spot if you’re craving something sweet.

It is a tad labor intensive, probably even more so if you make the cake from scratch, but it was worth it to make my sweet Kenny happy.

You can see the full recipe by clicking here.  I modified it by using a box cake mix and adding 1/2 cup of the burnt sugar syrup in place of 1/2 cup of water in the cake directions on the box.  I then used the rest of the burnt sugar syrup to make the frosting according to this recipe.

You should try it out some day when you are craving something sweet.

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  1. Cecilia

    Kenny is so lucky to have you. Nana made this delicious cake for our birthdays
    growing up. Can’t wait to try it.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      It was a great cake- did not last very long in the fridge. Not good for the ol’ diet though, but sure makes me want to have another one.

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