Sep 11

M’s week 14

M week 14 photo

14 week photo

This week was full of fun!  We celebrated Kenny’s birthday with a weekend trip to Tulsa Oklahoma.  We were a little apprehensive considering M hasn’t been super fond of her car seat in the past and we had never been on an overnight trip to a hotel with a baby before.  Oh my goodness she did such a wonderful job for the entire trip!  She slept most of the drive there and home in her car seat and was just a little doll.  She was patient and happy while we toured gardens and the zoo and museums and even slept like a champ in her little pack n play at the hotel.  We were just overjoyed that we had such a great time.  It is really encouraging for future travel.

Highlight of the week:

Karen- Successfully staying in a hotel with a three month old.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, it might throw her off entirely and we’d end up leaving at 2:00am in tears… thankfully she was just a little sweetheart.  I think all our site seeing during the day wore her out.  She went to sleep quickly and slept sweetly in her pack n play only waking up once or twice during the night.

Kenny- Going on a fun trip with my girls for my birthday.  You guys know how much I love to travel, so seeing M handle all the excitement and different things so well was just wonderful.

Product we’re loving:

Karen- Our ipod came in handy for our trip.  We have several songs that we play every night that help M get settled down for sleep and bringing the ipod along with us allowed us to maintain her routine even though we weren’t at home.  It worked like a charm.

Kenny- The Pack N Play came in really handy this weekend.  It folds up so compactly and easily, it was a great option for M’s little bed at the hotel.  We used a crib sheet from home so it felt familiar and was definitely cleaner than a roll away crib.


Karen- M still sounds pretty congested from her little cold last week.  She hasn’t had any fever but I sure wish I could do something to help take that stuffiness away.  Our pediatrician suggested we try a cool mist humidifier, hopefully that will help.

Kenny- It is still hard everyday to leave my girls to go to work.
A stroll at the Zoo

    Picture of the Week   

Something we have learned:

Karen- I am learning to just get out there and do things.  I had gotten into a rut of just staying at home because it seemed easier and ‘safer’.  No chances for chaos, but also no chances for adventure.  How will I ever know how M will handle a new place unless I give her the chance to experience it?  So far she has exceeded my expectations every time!

Kenny- I am learning that travel with a baby has to be a little bit slower paced.  Karen and I are adventurers and we like to see and do a lot with the time we have in new fun places.  With a baby in tow you have to kind of relax the agenda and allow some extra time for nursing and diaper changes along the way.

Quote of the week:

Karen- (Walking past a sweet older lady at one of the museums we visited)
Lady: Oh! What a precious baby, how old is she?
Karen: Thank you, she is three months old.
Lady: Wow, the fun is just beginning!

M vs Giraffe week 14

   M vs Giraffe Week 14

It has been a great fourteenth week and we are looking forward to many, many more!

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  1. freda

    I just love the “picture of the week” it is soooo cute. and the one with the giraffe is so expressive. She looks like she is a content happy baby.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thanks! Sometimes it is hard to come up with a picture of the week when we do not have that many to choose from, but other weeks we have so many options it is hard to pick one. M is a very happy baby Karen and I are truely blessed.

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