Sep 10

Monday Musing: Swag?!?!?

swagCall me an old fuddy-duddy but since the start of the school year there has been one word that is about to drive me up the wall and that word is “swag.” For example, student A says to student B “I am going to the mall this weekend to get my swag on.” It just keeps going and going and since I have heard it so much at school I am starting to hear it everywhere. In fact, as I am writing this up and my wife is watching The Voice one of the judges just used it, and as I was looking up a few things on Yahoo one of their news articles is about students getting free swag, in this case shoes, for just showing up to school on a particular day. Now that article in itself can be a whole musing, but I am going to try to stay on topic here.

So what does swag mean? Well traditionally, swag is a garland or curtain suspended between two points, usually draping down in the middle. While this meaning is relevant, it is usually only utilized by people who work regularly with draperies. Now in America swag has been used as the meaning for stuff that is given away for free for example, the swag bags given away to stars at the Oscars. Now the kiddos today are using swag to describe their style.

Call me a traditionalist or somebody that is finding it difficult to stay up with what the heck my students are trying to say. I mean what is so wrong with the 20+ other words that already exist to describe a person’s fashion sense. So, am I just being picky or are there other people out there where just some words have just become your pet peeves.


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  1. Mike

    The word “swag” is being heard from tv, students and almost from everyone. I think we’d better get to be used to it. If not, we can’t get by with it. It’s our lost.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Like most things it will not last forever there will be another word to replace it- Karen did show me a very funny video about 100 words you could say instead of swag at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFhM1CoyP7Q – thanks for commenting!

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