Sep 06

3 months: a letter

Sweet baby of mine,
M close upI think I have finally got this Momma thing down.  You are just such a joy to spend time with, I cherish every second we have together.  I love gazing at your beautiful blue eyes and petting your soft skin and hair while you are nursing.  There is just something magical about holding you as you fall asleep, your little warm body against mine, feeling you breathing as you just melt into me, it brings me to tears knowing that you have to grow up and we won’t always cuddle like this.  It makes me want to hold you every moment of the day.  I know I would regret that when you were about five and couldn’t walk yet because Momma won’t put you down.

With every day that passes I relax a little more and things just fall into place.  Our day feels so natural now and I am so blessed that you are a part of it.  We just love you so much!
M sitting up by DaddyGrowth:
-Wow!  I think I don’t realize how much you are growing and changing until I look back at your earlier pictures.  You are getting so big!  Sometimes it just hits me out of nowhere… you’re not a newborn anymore, you are my sweet baby.

-At your two month doctors appointment you weighed 12 pounds 6 ounces (75th percentile) and were 24 and a half inches long (97th percentile), still our tall little girl!

-You are now over 13 and a half pounds, growing, growing!

-You have officially outgrown your first outfits and I have been switching out your little wardrobe.  I want to make sure you get to wear everything at least once.  The 3-6 month outfits fit best right now.

-You are still doing great wearing cloth diapers during the day and we switch to disposable at night.  The cloth diapers have really been great, saving us tons of money and so far no leaks.  You wear size 1 disposables at night (we switch to disposables at night just so they wick any moisture away from your skin for that longer stretch of time).
M laughingEating:
-Lady Bug, you are nursing so great!  I can’t believe how easy and wonderful it is now, considering where we came from.  Those first few weeks were so hard.  I’m so proud of you (and me) for sticking with it.  It is all thanks to Daddy’s encouragement and a lot of help from Aunt Lisa.

-We bought a bottle that we are going to try out here in a few days.  I have pumped and frozen some breast milk so you’ll still be getting Mommy’s good stuff, this way Daddy will get a chance to feed you and if you do okay with the bottle we might even get to go on a date while you stay with Grandma and Grandpa.

-During the day you still nurse about every three hours.  Usually right after you wake up from your nap.  Daddy and I are so thankful you usually go for a long stretch at night and when you do wake up you are ready to eat!
M and Daddy teethingSleeping:
-You have still been trucking along with the nice long stretches of sleep at night.  After a nice yummy bath we try to get you in your crib between 7:00 and 8:00 and you almost always sleep well anywhere from seven to nine hours.  This is such a blessing for Mom and Dad.

-The last week has been a little off in the sleep department.  It was taking several tries to get you into your crib and asleep for good and a couple nights you were waking up almost every hour!  We were so confused.  We finally figured out that you had a little cold and it was just throwing everything off.  You seem to be getting over the congestion and hopefully you’ll go back to your nice sleep pattern too.

-You have really been a sweetie taking your naps for Momma.  I have just about figured out your little schedule, you take three naps a day about 9:30am, 12:30pm and 3:30pm.  I try to catch you right around the first yawn and you go to sleep quickly and without any fussing.  Such a little sweet heart.

-Daddy encouraged me to try letting you sleep in your crib for your naps.  I was holding you through each and every nap.  It just seemed like you slept longer and more soundly that way.  But, in order for me to get very much done around the house or for my jobs I needed that little break.  So I tried it and you have been such a champ.  You sleep for about an hour for each nap in your crib like a big girl.  I can’t believe you are growing up so fast!
M hugging SophiePlay:
-I am so excited we have been able to resume our walks during the day.  The temperatures finally cooled off a little bit and we have been taking a nice walk about 11:00am.  You like your stroller more and more each day.  I think it is fun for you to be outside and see the sky and the trees.  We chatter back and forth while we walk and I tell you about the squirrels running around or when we hear a bird chirp or a dog bark.

-You still enjoy your little exercise mat.  It is even more fun now that you use your hands more and more and you can reach up and flick the little creatures that dangle down.  You play on your mat in the bathroom while I take a shower in the mornings.

-We still love to read books.  You can even sit up and lean back against me while I hold the books out in front of us now.  I think you are going to be a good reader just like your Daddy.

-Your favorite toys are Bee Bee the Bird, Otto Octopus and Oliver your little penguin.  Anything with big bright eyes really gets your attention and makes you grin from ear to ear.  Bee Bee especially!

-Tummy time is still not your favorite thing, but you will tolerate it for a little while.  Once you get sick of it you just lay your little head down and rest.  You are so precious.
M laughing at Bee BeeEvents:
-We have been going on more and more outings.  We visited Will Rogers Park and took pictures of the flowers and even got to do a little hiking at Martin Park Nature Center.  You were a sweetie and rode in your Baby Bjorn on Daddy’s chest at both places.

-We went to the doctors for your two month check up and had to get shots.  You were so brave and did such a good job.  I cried more than you did.

-We celebrated Labor Day weekend and got to spend three glorious days with Daddy.  We had fun and even got to visit Grandma and Grandpa.

-You had your first visit to Hobby Lobby!  We went shopping with Aunt Lori to buy some supplies for Aunt Julie’s baby shower.  You were pretty intrigued at first, but you fell asleep for most of the excursion.

-You heard your first rain storm this month.  You still haven’t felt the rain but we sure heard the thunder and rain drops pelting down.
M eating fistBaby girl you are just such a treasure, we thank God everyday for sharing you with us.  You enrich our lives and I just can’t imagine what we would do without you.

I’ll love you forever,

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  1. freda

    This is great. You will be sooooo glad you did this in the years to come. You are such a sweet little family. I am so proud of you and Kenny. I knew you would be great parents, M is so pretty these are pictures are so good and M is so pretty.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      At times it is like do we really need to write all this out, but as soon as we start working on it we feel better about it. We have not regretted it for one moment, and will be extremely happy that we did all this work in the years to come.

  2. Neil

    I knew she would dig the giraffe 🙂

    1. Kenny and Karen

      She loves it! Reaches for it just about everytime we have her on the changing table.

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