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M’s week 13

13 week photo

13 week photo

I am just flabbergasted that this little sweetheart is almost a quarter of a year old!?!  How can this be??? I still tell people I have a newborn!!  Yet, in another way it feels like she has always been here.  Every day just gets funner and funner.  Several people have told me that six months to a year are the funnest times and I just can’t imagine her being more fun than she is right now.  She is so expressive and happy.  She looks right into our eyes and just grins and squeals.  Her little sounds are so contagious we just have to coooo and gaaah and eeeee right back at her.

M got her first little illness this week and it has been traumatic for Momma.  The past month she has been sleeping so well, anywhere between seven and ten hours at a time each night until this Sunday when she woke up almost every hour.  We finally realized she had a little fever, and just wasn’t feeling very good, runny nose and eyes and just sounded congested.  We have kept an eye on her temperature and I called the doctor just to make sure it was nothing serious and thankfully she seems to be doing quite a bit better today.

Highlight of the week:

Karen- Labor Day and enjoying a three day weekend with my two favorite people.  We visited a nature center and just had a good time.  I wish it was a four day weekend or a four HUNDRED day weekend for that matter.

Kenny- Watching M really start to develop her fine motor skills.  Saturday morning I was playing with her and some of her toys and she was just reaching and grabbing for things.  It is so exciting to see her growing and learning new things.

Product we’re loving:

M is right at the stage where she is just starting to reach out more so we plan on buying some more things for her to play with.  Over the last couple weeks we have not really had to get much for her to be happy.  She just really likes anything with really big eyes so she has been very content with three favorite stuffed animals that she has and her baby exercise mat. 


Karen- Her first cold was just heart wrenching.  I wanted to cuddle her up and make everything all better.  Poor little thing, I am so thankful that she is usually so healthy.

Kenny- That night of no sleep was kind of hard.  It was crazy trying to figure out what had changed to go from sleeping so well to waking up every hour.  I am so sorry M is sick but I am glad we figured out what was going on.
ducky stare down

   Picture of the Week   

Something we have learned:

Karen- I am learning to go with the flow.  I may have a plan and a schedule in mind, but if it isn’t followed to the tee that’s ok.  M is a tiny baby and sometimes her plans aren’t exactly the same as mine.  Knowing that she can usually be awake for about two hour intervals has really helped me.  I know that after that two hour window she will start to get cranky for a nap, so if I can start getting her to sleep before she gets upset everything just works smoother. 

Kenny- That it only takes time and lots of practice.  M is just starting to tolerate her car seat, which is a lot better then her hating her car seat.  Hopefully in a few more weeks she will love her car seat.  I can not wait to be able to take her more places.   

Quote of the week:

Karen- I thought my body would only be sore while I was pregnant…. ohhh my back, my knees, I’m broken down.

Kenny- The night that she did not sleep very well (found out the next morning she had a cold) we had previously thought she was teething, which just might be the case there seems to be some white buds growing. 

Kenny –Well we do not need a clock anymore
Karen- Huh?
Kenny-It is every hour on the hour
Karen-I think it is your turn
 M vs giraffe week 13

   M vs Giraffe Week 13

It has been a great thirteenth week and we are looking forward to many, many more!

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  1. Coleen Franks

    Cute as can be. I know you are proud mom and dad.

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