Aug 27

Monday Musing- Unleash the Markets

Free Markets

I just got an interesting book from the library the other day and I am about halfway through it and it has really got me thinking about just what would happen if America would let the free market decide. The book that got me thinking about it is John Stossel’s No They Can’t: Why Government Fails and Individuals Succeed and I would say that it is worth a look if you have not read it yet.
What I found interesting in it is just the easy to read way he explains his libertarian message, and while I do not personally agree with everything that Stossel stands for I will say he lays out a pretty good argument. As a history teacher, I really liked how he brought a lot of historical evidence into his argument. For example, did you know the Pilgrims, when they first landed, created a communal farm which failed miserably. The reason that it failed was the fact that some Pilgrims quickly learned that if I do not work as hard I still get the same rewards as everybody else which created a downward spiral. Eventually the elders switched to the idea that you reap what you sow and the farms quickly turned around because if they did not then those Pilgrims that were not working hard came up a little short around dinner time.
I have always been against giving out rewards just to give out an award, or making sure everybody gets the same thing. I have seen several school leaders in my time that have done that and the results were horrible. Students,, like the Pilgrims quickly learned that if I am going to get the same results/awards no matter how much I put in then why put in maximum effort, which creates a downward spiral.
The reason that I bring this up is because we have now entered the convention phase of the next presidential election. It will be interesting to see both sides and their views of what direction they want to lead the country. Are both groups going to keep pushing for equal results without equal effort, or will one group start to trust the American people enough to let the markets loose.
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