Aug 17

Flora Photography Number 10 – Butterfly getting nectar

Butterfly on flowerThis picture really caught our eye because of the majestic orange butterfly perched on top of the multicolored flower.  I wish I could tell you what kind of flower this is, it is so facinating with multiple colors of petals, but unfortunately I don’t know.  I only know that we thought it was beautiful so I snapped a photograph. 

It was a hot July day and there were hundreds of butterflies zooming about this garden area at our local zoo.  They would stop to get nectar and quickly take flight as if they were very busy little creatures.  It was hard to capture one on film they were moving so quickly.

As you can tell it isn’t completely in focus, but it was a great shot to remind us of that day at the zoo and those fast moving butterflies.  I can only follow my own advice and keep on practicing.  That’s the only way to get better.

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  1. Neil

    Great shot!

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thanks- trying to get better which is what a good hobby is all about

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