Aug 07

M’s week 9

M 9 Weeks Old

9 week photo

What a great week!  We got to spend time with family and just had a lot of fun.  M is growing and changing every day.  We can practically see her grow right before our eyes.  She is getting more into a routine and we can sort of predict her schedule from day to day.

She is so precious.  Our lips are just magnetically drawn to her soft cheeks at least a thousand times a day!  She is making more and more sounds, cooing and a little half laugh when she sees something amusing.  We wouldn’t call it laughing yet, just a little chuckle like ‘heh’, adorable!

She is such a fun baby, we couldn’t be enjoying her any more!

Highlight of the week:

Karen- Getting to spend some time with Uncle Neil and Aunt Julie!  We’re so thankful they get to come visit so often.

Kenny- Coming home from work to see my beautiful girls.

Product we’re loving:

Karen- M’s little rockie has been super handy for naps.  I like to keep her in the same room with me while she is so small.  Once she is a little older I’m sure we will move her naps to the crib, but for now the rockie is just perfect.

Kenny- Uncle Bart and Aunt Lisa gave us an awesome little exercise mat.  M loves looking up at the fish and octopus dangling down and just kicks her feet to the music.  It is a great way for her to get in a little independent play and gives Karen a chance to do some of her own things during the day.


Karen-  I keep wanting to go for a walk or just get out of the house for a while.  It is hard because it has been SO VERY hot outside.  We have escaped over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house a couple of times, but I will be excited when we can go for our daily walks again. M loves to be outside and the exercise is certainly good for me!

Kenny- It’s still hard to leave everyday for work. 

M in a white bow

 Picture of the Week   

Something we’ve learned:

Karen- I’ve learned that M is a lot more portable than I thought.  She has been to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, to visit a dear friend, to the grocery store, each time I am surprised  and impressed with how well she does!  She is even doing so well in her car seat, good job sweet baby!

Kenny- She is a fast learner!  While I was out mowing the lawn she learned to hold and shake her rattle.  Luckily Karen caught it on video so I can enjoy the moment too.

Quote of the week:


Karen: Kenny!  She shook her rattle all by herself!


Kenny: (talking to M when she is so tired but she is fighting sleep) My will is stronger than yours! She lets out little whimpers but I know that if I just hold her close and keep singing she will settle into a deep sleep.  Persistance pays off. 

M vs Giraffe Week 9

 M vs Giraffe Week 9

It has been a great ninth week and we are looking forward to many, many more!

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  1. freda

    Keep smilin and shakin that rattle I’m comin to see ya.!!!!

    1. Kenny and Karen

      She is always ready to see you!

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