Aug 06

Monday Musing: NBC Tape Delay Leads to the Goosebumps Going Away

NBC Tape-DelayWhy oh why is NBC’s Olympic coverage just like it was when they first started airing it in the1980s.  I have had to try to limit all internet access during this Olympic season just to have the chance at being surprised as I wait until NBC will finally air the event.  It is not just my internet use but any type of media at all. For example I was just driving home from work the other day turned on the radio which was left on the sports talk station from my drive in the morning and the first thing that I hear is how Phelps just won his 20th medal.  Not that it is the end of the world or anything, but if I want to watch the actual event then I have to wait through all NBC other Olympic coverage including bits about the style of James Bond just to see the race where I already know who won.

It is not the fact that I know who won that really bothers me it is just the fact that I have to wait so long to see the actual event.  I guess when money talks it really does not matter if the fans get upset.  It would be nice if at the start of their program NBC would put up a ticker that lists exactly when the events will air.  That way I do not have to spend all night waiting for the few events that I care about to be shown.  I just have to say that it is a good thing that I have DVR because most nights I give up and just set it to record so I can fast forward to get to the event that I want to see.

Now some people out there might say that I am being unpatriotic not wanting to see every American athlete and their event, and the only answer to that is outside of the Olympics how many times have you stopped what you are doing to see an equestrian event or the thrilling sport of synchronized swimming.  The people who compete in those sports are wonderful at what they do but my patriotic feelings do not depend on how well my fellow Americans can keep their pool movements in sync with one another or if their horse can jump over an object in record time.

Why NBC insist on acting like the winners they show at night are some big secret and we have to wade through all their filler to watch it is beyond me.  I guess the almighty advertising dollar and the more time they can be on air is worth dragging their viewers along for the ride.  I might as well stop ranting and just go watch the highlights on the internet so I do not have to waste another night seeing Bob Costas interview Shaun White on what Olympic event he got to try or Ryan Seacrest hang out at a restaurant with a gymnast and his dad.


So far the most exciting thing to see was when Galen Rupp took the silver in the 10,000m where myself and the rest of my family members around me that were watching got goosebumps when he did it.  First because it was amazing and second because we got to see it live.  I just wish this go around of the Summer Olympics would have a few more moments like that.  However since NBC tape-delay has led to the goosebumps going away.  I guess there is always next time.


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