Aug 05

2 months: a letter

My little dolly girl,
M's close upTwo months old and such a sweetheart.  This month has been so much fun!  I remember your first month was kind of a struggle, getting used to a whole new way of life and adjusting everything to the new normal all while trying to recuperate from childbirth, figure out breast feeding and survive on no sleep.  Well things have changed my baby, right at about five and a half weeks everything started getting so much easier.  I feel like I know you so well, you are expressing your little self and I can anticipate what you need.  Your little smile lights up our world and even when you pook out your tiny lower lip we can’t help but smile because you are so precious.

-My darling girl, you are just growing like a flash.  I remember specifically looking at you as we were driving home from visiting family in Kansas and just realizing how much you had grown and filled out, no longer a tiny newborn, but my little baby girl now.  I’m so glad you are healthy and growing, but I just don’t want it to go so fast.

-You are over eleven pounds and at least 23 inches long.  Daddy holds you outstretched on his arm sometimes and he keeps saying how very long you are.  Are you going to be our tall super model or basketball star?

-Some of your little newborn onesies are getting too tight now!  I’m trying my best to rotate your outfits so you at least get to wear each one before you out grow them!  The three month outfits seem to work the best.  You can still wear some newborn outfits, it just kind of depends on the brand.

– You can still squeeze into size zero newborn diapers but we usually use size one.  You wear cloth diapers during the day and we only switch to disposable during the night.
Mom and M in KansasEating:
-Baby girl!  This has been such an improvement!  There for a few weeks I just didn’t see how we were going to make it and now you are nursing like a champ.  No problems, easy peesy, I am making plenty of milk and it is just a special time that I look forward to.  It is just indescribable to gaze down into your eyes, see you smile while you are eating and know that I am meeting all your needs.  Wow!

– You are nursing about every three hours, sometimes more often, but you will go for a long stretch at night, between five and seven hours before you wake up to nurse.  This has been so wonderful for Momma!  Getting to sleep is great!
Looking up at DadSleeping:
– My little honey bunny you have just improved in every department.  You take about three (sometimes four) naps during the day.  We see your little eyelids start to get pink and know that sleepy time isn’t far away.

– You usually either fall asleep right after you finish nursing or we will bounce you on the exercise ball and you are out like a light pretty quickly.

– Your naps are anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour and you usually rest in your little rockie in  the living room so I can keep my eye on you while I zoom around the house trying to get a few things done.

– We are so proud of you!  You moved into your crib in your nursery at one month old and you seem to really like it!

-You (usually) do so great at night now too!!  You are often in your crib by 9:30 and sleep between five and seven hours before you wake up with a hungry tummy.  Even then after we nurse you will go back in your crib for two or three hours.  You are such a sweetie and I am so thankful that you are doing so good in your crib.  (I hope I didn’t just jinx you and you sleep for one hour bursts tonight).
Tummy timePlay:
– We have had to skip our walks for the past week, it has just been dangerously hot!  We miss having that fun outside time, but it should cool off again before too long.

– You are definitely enjoying play time more now.  You will track things with your eyes and smile your big open mouth gummy grin while kicking your legs with glee.  So precious!

– Your Daddy reads lots of books to you.  Your eyes flutter back and forth from Daddy’s face to the fun pictures.  You seem so interested, we hope you always love books.

– Your Aunt Lisa and Uncle Bart gave you a fun exercise mat that you have been enjoying for the last few weeks.  It has a little music box that lights up and plays fun tunes while fish and octopus dangle down from above.  You are just mesmerized.
Daddy and M at the zooEvents:
– We took our first road trip this month, a visit up to Kansas to visit Daddy’s family and celebrate Great Grandma’s birthday.  You didn’t enjoy your car seat very much but we made it sweet girl.  We sure enjoyed seeing the family and you even got in your first trip to the zoo!

– You have been practicing tummy time to strengthen up your neck muscles and can turn your head from side to side.  When we hold you up against our shoulders you just pop your head up like a big girl, so excited to see everything around you.

– You haven’t been watching, but the olympics have been fun for Mom and Dad to watch on tv this month.  We have been cheering for Michael Phelps in the swimming events and Mommy likes the gymnastics.

– Daddy had to go back to work late this month so it is just me and you during the days.  We miss Daddy like crazy, but girl time is fun too.

– We visited our local zoo for the first time ever and you did so great!  You didn’t cry a bit in your car seat for the whole drive there and back, about twenty minutes each way.  You have been doing so good adjusting to riding in the car.  You road on Daddy’s chest at the zoo in the baby bjorn and it was just a fun little trip.  We can’t wait for you to enjoy the animals with us!

– We got to see Momma’s family when Uncle Neil and Aunt Julie came down to celebrate Uncle Neil’s birthday.  You did great and Mommy and Daddy got to eat and play some fun games.
her little handDaddy and I are just completely infatuated with you!  So much of our time is spent just gazing into your beautiful blue eyes.  Daddy is convinced there is a little tint of brown starting to show but they are still bright blue to me.  We just can’t believe how fast the days are going.  You are just our precious sweetheart, such a little blessing and we can’t get enough of you!

I’ll love you forever,

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  1. Cecilia

    So enjoying these updates.

  2. freda

    Two months old!!!! and lookin so good. Happy Day to all of you.

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