Aug 03

Flora Photography Number 11 – Orange Wildflower

Orange Wildflower

This is yet  another example of Karen’s photography.  I keep encouraging her to take more pictures.  She does a great job and the only way to get better is to keep practicing.  This was a beautiful field of wildflowers that were teaming with all sorts of butterflies.  Karen did get some photos of the butterflies but this orange wildflower shot really stood out.  I love the fiery yellow orange and the crispness of the petals of the front flower contrasted with the soft blur of the background orange wildflower.

Flowers are an easy subject to practice with.  They are naturally beautiful and they are a (basically) stationary subject matter so it makes for some excellent opportunities to capture a brilliant shot.  If there is a botanical garden or zoo (they often have nice foliage) or even your own flowerbed, take the opportunity to snap a few photos.

Karen was excitedly chasing the monarchs and got this fun shot in the process.  So, the moral of the story is.. have fun, take your camera and don’t stop trying.


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