Aug 02

Taking Back Our Great Room

Old Storage RoomSince M’s birth getting the house in order has been put on the back burner, but now that she is approaching two months old our window to get our great room in order is getting shorter by the day.  We want to make sure we have our great room completed before she is crawling around because the way that we had it is not conducive to the safety of our baby.
New Storage RoomNow that we have completed our nursery we moved our bedroom into the guest bedroom so we could be closer to M during the first year of her life. Once we got our things moved out of the master bedroom we now had an extra space. After talking it over we decided to turn our master bedroom into our new storage unit moving everything out of our front entry way into the master bedroom.  We have spent the last couple of weeks taking back our great room.  Karen and I had been using our front entrance area as a storage unit while we working on the rest of the house.  This was not ideal but it allowed us to move our stuff around the house as we were working on a particular room.  I am sure anybody that came to our front door thought  they were entering an episode of horders.  Thank God that those days are over for now and I do not feel ashamed of opening up my front door anymore.
What was in our Great RoomThe progress was slow but we finally got the majority of it moved.  I wish I would have thought ahead and taken a photograph of everything that we had in the front part of our great room, but it never occurred to me to take one until I had most of the stuff moved.  Over the last couple of weeks I moved an elliptical, two desks, stacks of books and DVDs along with their shelving,  four china cabinets, which we will eventually be selling on Craig’s list (if I can talk Karen into it), and various other objects all into our master bedroom.
Great RoomWhen I first proposed this idea of moving everything into our bedroom Karen gave me a look that suggested that she did not think that my packing and organizing skills were up to the task.  Well it was a little fun rubbing it in today when I got the last desk in and there is enough room to still find something that we might need in there. Now that our great room is operational again I plan on getting started on many projects so we can finally finish our great room and truly turn it into a great room.

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