Jul 26

Flora Photography Number 12 – Red Hibiscus

Red Hybiscus

This picture was taken while on a visit to The Oklahoma City Zoo. It is so nice that so many zoos take the time to have nice foliage and botanical areas along with all the animals. It makes for some great opportunities to practice your photography.  This red hibiscus especially caught my eye because it was so big and bright and open just soaking up the sunshine.  It was also at a great angle to get a crisp clean shot of the entire flower.

Karen pointed out that this picture even has some sentimental value.  If you notice, there is a tiny bud in the upper left hand corner.  Karen just happened to be pregnant when we visited this zoo so it was fitting that we could title this shot Mother and Baby.  I wonder if that tiny bud has now bloomed like our baby girl who is just blooming and growing everyday.

I really like the richness of the red color contrasted by the dark striped variegation on the petals.  Contrast like that always seems to serve to add depth to my photography.

Once again I would just encourage you to get out there and try.  If you have a digital camer you can’t make a mistake, just keep snapping away and you’re bound to get a nice shot.  Have fun!

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