Jul 23

Monday Musing: Start of a New School Year

Back to SchoolWell, it was nice while it lasted, but my summer will soon be over as I will be heading back to work for the new school year.  Yes, that is right school starts tomorrow for me.  Why so soon you might ask?  To make a long story short I work at an “all year school” which basically means we have two months off during the summer, two weeks for spring break, two weeks for fall break, and an extended Christmas break.  Whoops I am sorry I did not mean to offend anybody winter break.  I need to get back to PC mode since I am working at a public school and in this day and age with every kid having a cell-phone and when every teacher out there can become a YouTube celebrity at any moment I need to be extra diligent.  One never knows if some activist in Wisconsin might sue me on the behalf of a student because I used some sort of religion content in my class.  Yeah isn’t teaching in the 21st century in America grand.

Okay enough sarcasm for one post, at least I will try, I cannot make any promises on that because I find my job a little hilarious at times.  Do not get me wrong, I love my job, I am just a little tired of all the games that go along with it.  If you have been following this blog for any set time then you have read about my take on some of these things, or if you are new, welcome we are glad you are reading this and some of my rants on teaching can be found under the musing banner in our archives section.  This year is going to be a little bit more difficult for me just in the sense that I tried so hard to move to the high school level.  Now I like the school I am at, but I have done just about everything that I can do there.  My student test scores have gone up every year and now around 90% of them are passing the state standardized test at the end of the year.  Just to give you a reference because you might not think 90% is not that good, before I got there the score was below 25%.  I also coach soccer and my guys have got to the All-City final six out of the seven years I have been coaching and brought home the trophy three times.  See some coaches can teach, and most of you probably thought we watched game film all day or something like that.

Since last spring I had been trying to leave my school and move on up to the high school level with no luck.  I had a few interviews and things looked promising but nothing came from them.  I was offered the chance to coach baseball after the school gave away the soccer job to someone else.  So happy that my district tries to promote from with-in (see there goes that sarcasm again) thanks but no thanks on that one.  Now that I am back at the same school it will be hard to get excited about the upcoming year, but I am a professional and once class starts things will get better for me.  The kids will start off not wanting to go to class, and then before they know it they will be learning all sorts of interesting things about history and the majority of them will love my class.  It is so much fun shaping young minds and getting them to start to wonder about the country they live in, which is why I know that this school year, no matter how much I am not looking forward to it, will be just as successful and rewarding as the ones before it.

So here’s to the start of a new school year.  It should be an interesting one.  Let’s all hope that the time of testing will be held to a minimum and the time for learning will be maximized.  Oh wait I forgot I need to get back into line with the powers-that-be so let me rephrase.  May my teaching be productive so no student is left behind when they take their standardized tests.

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