Jul 19

What Makes Our Marriage Work – Marriage is not a Sprint it’s a Marathon

It's Not a Sprint It's a MarathonLife goes fast and time does fly but the same is true for what feels super significant at the moment will fade in importance as time goes by.  Why get into an argument over who made whom late to a dinner with friends you probably hardly ever see.  There is no need for insults about recording the game on the regular station instead of HD.  The use of unkind words, after one does not notice the brand new haircut is not necessary.  All three of those things are caused when someone can’t see the forest for the trees.  Life is not made up of just one event, but the chain of events, so why let one unfortunate incident, difficult situation, or a challenging time destroy a marriage.         

Karen and I have been blessed by having the example of both of our parents’ marriages.  Karen’s parents just celebrated 48 years and mine are going on 38 (at least I think it is 38 Karen is better at remembering things than I am) in this day and age both are significant milestones.  What we have learned by watching them is that a happy married couple cannot get too used to the highs and do not get too bummed out by the lows because each of them will pass.  It would be wonderful if a marriage would never get past the honeymoon period, and every day was just this exciting adventure.  Unfortunately marriage does not work like that and each one of us has our own quirks that our significant other has to deal with.  That is why communication and time are so important.  Karen and I let each other know in a positive way if something is bothering each other, but at the same time if it is something she or I am doing we give each other time to work it out.  If we thought our marriage was just going to go smoothly with no challenges from the start then we would have never put all the work into it that both of us have put in.    

Like I said before marriage is not a sprint it’s a marathon.  In a sprint, things are exciting and quick.  It is also a much easier race to run and you do not need a lot of help to do it.  While a marathon takes a lot of hard work.  A person cannot just wake up in the morning and go out and run a long distance race, but anybody can go and sprint to their mailbox and back.  Knowing that a marriage is going to take work, and seeing that both of us are willing and wanting to put those extra efforts into it helps both us know that it is a race that is worth running.     

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