Jul 17

M’s week 6

6 Weeks Photo

6 week photo

Oh my goodness, this sixth week brought about a LOT of changes!  Literally in just a couple of days M plumped up, filled out and is no longer a teensy newborn.  She is looking like a little baby now.  She passed the nine pound mark and I finally feel like I can relax and trust that breastfeeding IS working.  Hallelujah!

We got the chance to go on our first road trip to visit Kenny’s Dad and Mom and celebrate M’s Great Grandma’s Birthday with the whole family.  M even got to visit her first zoo (of many I’m sure).  She also got her first bath in the bath tub.  We have been using the kitchen sink at home.  We had a fun time visiting everyone.

Highlight of the week:

Karen- Successfully completing our first road trip.  It was definitely different traveling with a baby, but we did pretty good and I’m sure each time will be easier and easier.

Kenny- Karen realizing that we can travel, which it didn’t always look like that was going to be the case.  Especially after the first day out of town when we were thinking we might have to pack up and head back home.  But, by the end of the week everything worked out great and we were so glad we made the trip.

Product we’re loving:

Karen- I have been making good use of our baby monitor, it is the Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor.  It gives me a lot of peace of mind.  With my Mommy hearing in full gear I think I could hear her sigh from a mile away, but it is nice to have the monitor nearby just to reassure me that I will hear her.  Sometimes I wish I had the video monitoring function but that would probably just keep me awake because I would want to keep staring at her sweet face.

Kenny- I am liking the Little Stinker Baby Bottom Spray and although we never spray it on M’s hiney, it is all natural.  We like to spray it in her diaper pail or just in the room for a little refresher.  It smells great, like lavender and vanilla, and really masks the smell well rather than just blending with it like a lot of air fresheners.


Karen- It is just killing me that M doesn’t like her car seat.  I thought all babies love riding in the car and that it just soothes them to sleep.  Well, not our little precious girl.  She is getting more and more patient, but when she is done, she is DONE and hearing her little cries and screams just makes my heart ache.  Usually I will drive and Kenny will sit in the back keeping M distracted.  Kenny is really good at keeping her entertained and I stress a little less when I am focused on the driving instead of the crying baby doll.  We have tried so many things, playing music, playing white noise, rolling the windows down, showing her books, playing with rattles, singing, putting a blanket in the car seat under her to make her more comfortable, a pacifier (which she rarely takes), EVERYTHING!  I will be so relieved (if) when she is finally happy in her car seat.  As much as we love to travel it would be nice if she could sit back and enjoy it.

Kenny- We had finally gotten on a good pattern as far as sleep was concerned.  M was doing great at sleeping in her crib for about four hour stretches and was settled in a good routine.  Going out of town and to a new environment seemed to disrupt M’s sleep schedule.  She was in a new place, sleeping in her pack n play and it just threw off her schedule.  Now that we are back home she is disrupted again.  However, I’m sure she will get back into her regular routine quickly.  She’s just such a new little person EVERYTHING is new to her.

Week 6 Photo of the Week

Picture of the Week   
Something we’ve learned:

Karen- I have learned just how very fast the time goes by.  Seeing M growing so fast and completely moving out of the newborn phase is exciting but also breaks my heart a little.  I’m trying so desperately to just treasure every moment.  I find myself just staring at her little face, completely overwhelmed with love.  I keep telling Kenny to take more pictures and video, we have to capture every second!

Kenny- I have learned that all the frustrating things are temporary.  For example, sometimes when we drive and she is in her car seat it is pretty rough, other times she just does great.  Or at night when you think she will NEVER go to sleep, but you just bounce her a bit more and her little head nods right off.

Quote of the week:


Kenny: Holding baby M against his bare chest She’s definitely using her hands now…ouch! (as she ripped out a hand full of his chest hair)


Karen: she just karate chopped me!  She lined up all her little fingers and went hi-yah!  Well, maybe I added the hi-yah but she definitely karate chopped me.

M vs Giraffe Week 6

M vs Giraffe Week 6

It has been a great sixth week and we are looking forward to many, many more!

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  1. freda

    My she is growing. I’m glad she is sleeping longer at night. That sure gives parents a much needed break.
    I love the picture of her peeking out of the towel. Ask Paul about the chest hair thing. I complains quite often and it’s not M.

  2. freda

    Griffin was lookin over my shoulder when I was reading this.
    He said ” Thats M………she’s pretty. She’s a pretty baby.”

  3. Cecilia

    Can’t wait till there is a picture of her grabbing the girrafe.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      It will be here sooner than we think.

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