Jul 12

Flora Photography Number 14 – Purple Petunia

Purple Petunia This flora photograph was taken at a local park in their garden area.  Karen and I like to go for walks because it just gives us a chance to get out of the house.  Now with baby M our walks have taken an even greater importance because it might be the only chance all day that all three of us get out of the house.  I am sure when she gets a little older the three of us will go more places, but as of right now we are permanently on baby soothing mode.

Karen really likes this photograph not because of artistic appeal but because the petunia is her favorite garden flower though they do not seem to agree with us.  We have tried growing them several times, but they never do as well as the rest of the flowers that we get.  Neither one of us have much of a green thumb so having a picture of a flower is just as good as having one in your garden…right?  On the plus side the picture never needs to be watered and will keep its color a lot longer than the actual plant.  I think I might be on to something here just take a bunch of flower pictures, get them laminated, place them on some sort of stake, and put them in the yard.  I think that would eliminate all of our garden problems.

Karen calls this photograph the lifecycle of the petunia.  The reason she calls it that, and I did not even notice until she pointed it out, was that there is a dead flower bud in the lower left hand corner right next to several new buds that have not bloomed yet.  I was just looking at three petunias in the middle of the picture.  As you can see she is much more observant than I am.

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