Jul 10

M’s week 5

5 Weeks Old

5 week photo

Our precious girl is five whole weeks old!  She is growing and changing everyday.  She has the brightest little eyes and such an expressive little face and hands.  We will get crazy goofy just to coax that cute smile out.  I can’t imagine how giddy we will be when she giggles for the first time.

Highlight of the week:

Karen- Seeing that M has gained two whole pounds from her lowest weight.  We must be doing something right in the breastfeeding department.

Kenny- Watching Karen’s face light up after I read the scale.  It was not that our baby girl was underfed or anything it was just that the doctor was always like ‘she is just on the cusp of what we think is normal for her age’.  Well it takes time, and it looks like Karen and M are finally getting it down.  I knew that they could.

Product we’re loving:

Karen- a really fun homedics soundspa machine.  I found this highly recommended on amazon.  It plays six different sounds including some lullaby type songs as well as nature sounds like rainfall or the ocean or even a heartbeat sound.  M seems to like the rumbly ocean sound best.  It also projects a fun moving picture of fish or birds or stars on the ceiling.  It has a built in timer so you can set it to shut off once the baby is fast asleep.  This really seems to help M sleep peacefully in her crib.

Kenny- Our Baby Bjorn is awesome- mom and dad thank you, thank you, thank you for getting that for us!  I take M out walking in it everyday usually more than once.  She usually falls asleep which just means that she is comfortable.


Karen- I’m still struggling trying to get back to some sense of ‘normal’.  It is crazy just how much this sweet baby needs me.  I love her so much but sometimes I still feel overwhelmed trying to take care of her and myself too.

Kenny- M does not seem to like her car seat very much.  It is not all the time that we are in the car for example today we drove about 20 minutes to go to a local park and walk around.  She did great going there, smiling and happy, then on the ride home she was a totally different baby cried the whole time.  This is a real struggle for me because I like to travel so much.  So we will keep trying and eventually she will grow out of it.

At the Lake

Picture of the Week   
Something we’ve learned:

Karen- I have learned that I just need to RELAX!  This is just a temporary stage in my life, one of these days I will look back and miss all these sweet memories.  M is growing so fast and everyone keeps telling me I’m doing a great job, I just need to cut myself some slack and set back and enjoy things.

Kenny- I have learned that the stranger the sounds I make the more M calms down.  I do not know why this works but it does and as long as it does I will keep doing it.

Quote of the week:


Kenny- You’re doing a great job!! (I can’t tell you how often Kenny tells me that, he is so encouraging and positive, always lifting me up and making me feel good about myself.  There is no way I could do this without him).


Kenny- (while holding a sleeping baby M) she has hair on her face!
Karen- of course she does, everyone does, we are mammals
Kenny- no, she has my hair on her face! (Karen had just given me a hair cut and some of my tiny hairs had gotten on M’s face)

M vs. Giraffe Week 5

M vs Giraffe Week 5

It has been a great fifth week and we are looking forward to many, many more!

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1 comment

  1. freda

    M !!! look at those legs. They are filling out and looking so good as well as the rest of her body.
    Kenny she looks so content in the Baby Bjorn. You look pretty happy too.
    Karen, yes you should stop take a step back and relax, Everything will turn out okay. M is doing all the things a baby should do. She will be more relaxed when you are relaxed. Just take one moment at a time and think about the positive things. Everything changes and it will get better as time goes on. I know you are anxious for that to happen, others including babies don’t always stay on our desired time table.

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