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The BFG by Roald Dahl

The BFG by Roald Dahl
“The witching hour, somebody had once whispered to her, was a special moment in the middle of the night when every child and every grown-up was in a deep deep sleep, and all the dark things came out from hiding and had the world all to themselves.”


The BFG is a children’s novel written by one of best children’s writers of all time Roald Dahl.  The story centers around a young girl name Sophie who lives in an orphanage, and one night when she could not sleep she decides to see what is going on outside.  To her amazement she sees a giant blowing something through a horn into her neighbor’s window.  Of course, Sophie is frightened and tries to run back and hide in her bed, but by that time it is too late the giant knows that he has been spotted and grabs Sophie.  Luckily for Sophie the giant that kidnaps her is not your typical human eating giant, but in fact the BGF (Big Friendly Giant) that has the sole mission in life to bring happy dreams to the boys and girls of the world.

Unfortunately, the BFG is not the only giant in the world because the rest of them are human eating brutes that travel all across the world eating up people.   Sophie and the BFG quickly become friends and set out on the task of stopping the other giants.

Dahl is a masterful story teller who is able to reach down and grab a child’s attention.  In the case of the BFG he does it with humor that children would find funny and some adults would find repulsive.  I liked this book a lot when I was in the 2nd grade now as an adult it takes me back to my childhood.  However like most adults what we found humorous as a child and what we find funny now are usually two different things.

This book is very creative and would be a wonderful read-a-loud book to your child.  The reason this book is better read out loud than have your child read it by him/herself is that Dahl creates a sense-nonsense language for the BFG.  Roald Dahl uses words like snozzcumbers (foul tasting vegetable) and Whizzpopping (flatulence) as the BFG’s vocabulary.  As long as you think they could be old enough to deal with giants eating humans then they will probably enjoy this book.

The BFG is a good read and one that I look forward to reading with my child one of these days.  To me it is not Dahl’s best work but it is up there so I give it four and shells out of five.
4 shells

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  1. Leo

    The BFG is truly a wonderful book and I have to disagree with you when you say it is not amongst Roald Dahl’s best work – I still am in awe at the amount of imagination and creativity when reading The BFG.

    I especially remember what I felt when I read it as a 11 year old. Pure magic!! Just gave it a 5 😉

    You should look up roald dahl book lists to find more gems, here’s a good one to start – list of good Roald Dahl books.

    Thanks for the nice Karen (or is it Kenny who wrote this post?).

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thanks for the comment, we always love to hear from fellow readers out there. Roald Dahl is exceptionally creative, that is why it is so hard to narrow down his books to my favorites. BFG used to be my very favorite when I was a wee lad (this is Kenny by the way) but as an adult it just didn’t strike me with the same magic of my youth. Maybe I need to get back in touch with the child inside. Probably reading more of Dahl’s books will do that. Thanks again!

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