Jul 07

1 month: a letter

My precious baby,
Baby in a BoppyI can hardly believe you are already a whole month old!  The days and nights have all blended together into one big blur of nursing and snuggles and laughter and a few tears (mine and yours).  Your Daddy and I just love you with our entire hearts and every fiber of our being is being poured into you.

You are such a little doll, so soft and small and patient with your frazzled parents.  I am so thankful that you are a happy girl.


-When you were born you were 7lbs 8 oz and 20 inches long.  At your most recent doctors appointment you were 21 inches long and we bought a baby scale to keep track of your weight and you topped out at 8lbs 3.5oz, growing, growing!
At the Hospital-You are still swimming in the 0-3 month outfits, you are such a petite little cutie.  You have thin little arms and legs, I know they will fill out in the next few months but for now you are just our little thing.  When your Daddy carries you in the Baby Bjorn your legs are so adorable just dangling at his waist.  All the people we walk past know you are a newbie because of your little legs.

-You still wear size zero newborn diapers, you have worn a few size one but the are still pretty huge.  We have also tried some cloth diapers that have worked great, no leaks at all.  Once we put on both layers they kind of give you a big britches effect, but they work well so we are still revving ourselves up to use them


-Oh baby, this has definitely been one of the hardest parts of your first month.  You are such a little thing, even in the first days at the hospital it was a struggle getting you to latch on.  I wasn’t producing a lot of milk and you were losing weight.  We have seen lactation consultants and the pediatrician and are still forging ahead, one little baby step at a time and we  are starting to get the hang of it.  This has been pretty stressful for Momma.

-We are 100% set on exclusive breast feeding, we know how important it is to your health and development, but if it weren’t for your Daddy’s encouragement it would be hard for me to keep it up.  I still feel like I am not making enough milk for you and you seem to want to nurse all the time.  Your Daddy has been so amazing and encouraging he really loves us with every ounce of himself.
Momma and M


-Hmmm whoever coined the term ‘sleeps like a baby’ has not met you.  Your Daddy jokes in a little song that you are the non sleeping baby.  I think you must take little catnaps while you nurse because you rarely take an official nap.

-You will sleep in your rockie or swing for about twenty to thirty minutes or nap in our arms for up to an hour, but you are not napping nearly as often as either of us expected.
1 Month Old-At night Daddy usually sings and bounces you to sleep while Mommy catches an early hour of sleep.  You will snooze in your pack n play for the usual twenty to thirty minutes and then need Momma to nurse you one more time before you finally fall asleep as we toddle down the hall and crash into bed.

-You will sleep for at least four hours at night as long as you are in my arms.  I think you must feel warm and comforted being so close to Momma.  I LOVE having you close to me but I don’t sleep very well, I have to always be conscious of where you are and make sure that I don’t move.
Dad and M-We are working on getting you to sleep longer and longer in the pack n play and eventually in your crib, but it is a slow process and we are being patient.  After all, you are only thirty short days old, this whole big world is all so new and different to you.

-We are so proud of you, at one month exactly you slept in your crib in your nursery at night for three hours straight.  What a sweetie!
M's HandPlay:

-You’re such a little dumpling still there isn’t a lot of playing going on yet.  But your Daddy is sure having fun with you.  He sings to you and dances you around the living room, he reads books to you and plays with your rattles while you track them with your eyes.
Out Walking-We have been going for walks in the evening once the heat wave starts to cool off a little.  You will tolerate your stroller for a little while, but usually need me to take you out and bounce you a bit so you will settle back down.

-Luckily we have discovered that you LOVE when Daddy carries you in your Baby Bjorn.  You usually just sack out after a few minutes and we all enjoy a peaceful walk.

-We have gotten to see your sweet smile several times.  It is hard to discern if they are reflexes or genuine but either way they are heart-meltingly adorable.  You smile the biggest when Daddy sings to you.  He makes me smile too.



-You got to experience your first Fathers Day.  I was hoping it would be a special memorable day for you and your Daddy but unfortunately I got an AWFUL case of mastitis and was delirious with a 105 degree fever.  Your Dad was on full time duty taking care of you and me both.  The good news is I got better and you got to spend the whole day with Daddy (except when you were nursing).

-You got to meet a lot of your family for the very first time.  Both sets of Grandparents and BOY do they LOVE you!!  Your Aunts and Uncles and three little cousins here in the city, those three little boys think you are something special (and you ARE)!
First Bath at Home-Uncle Neil and Aunt Julie came down to visit and they announced the gender of your sweet cousin who will be five months younger than you.  I know you guys will be the best of friends.  It was fun spending time with them.

-We ventured out of the house for one of our first real outings to go to your cousin Jaxson’s Birthday party, he just turned one.  It felt kind of hectic getting all of us ready to go at the same time but we made it sweet baby and you were the hit of the party.  I’m so thankful that we have such sweet family and friends who love us so much.
Mom and M
-We have enjoyed taking you for walks in the evening.  We started out with the stroller but quickly discovered that you are way more happy all cuddled up in your Baby Bjorn on Daddy’s chest.  It has been nice to get out of the house and into the fresh air in the evenings.

-Your first ever Fourth of July was a fun day too.  We got you dressed up in your little red white and blue dress and spent the whole day at Grandma and Grandpa’s house with the family,  We ate a ton of great food (well, you nursed but Momma was excited to eat!) and had fun just relaxing.  No fireworks just yet but I’m sure you will squeal with glee next year my darling girl.
SleepingWell my sweetheart, it has sure been an adventure these first thirty days of your life.  You are such a little blessing from God.  We love you more than you can even imagine and are so thankful that you have joined our little family.

I’ll love you forever,
After Her 1st Bath

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  1. freda

    I thought I left a comment yesterday, but I guess I forgot to hit submit though all the tears, smiles and laughter.
    Anyway you all three make me smile. I am so happy and proud of you. M is doing good and she looks so content, (well most of the time.) diaper changing time can be a challenge. Grandpa and Grandma love you all three. Keep on keeping on!!! You can sleep later. lol

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