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Jul 31

M’s week 8

M at 8 Weeks

8 week photo M is just growing and changing every day she is getting stronger and holds her head up like a big girl.  We don’t let her do it very long because we don’t want to strain her little neck, but she does her tummy time and turns her head back and forth from …

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Jul 30

Monday Musing: A to Z


One of the great things about starting up this blog has been the opportunity to get comments from other people and the comments are great, but the neat thing is seeing their blogs and getting ideas about places to go, projects, photography, etc.  It is a neat community to be a part of.  We got …

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Jul 29

Number 179 Goldfinger (1964)


Goldfinger is number 179 of our top 200 movie list.  It is directed by Guy Hamilton and stars Sean Connery, Gert Frobe, and Honor Blackman.  Goldfinger is rated PG. Karen’s Review Goldfinger is the third and one of the most well known movies in the James Bond series.  That being said, it was my first time …

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Jul 28

Arizona Sonora Desert Museum


The Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, located in Tucson Arizona, is truly a unique place because it is actually three first rate attractions in one place.   It is a combination of a zoo, natural history museum, and a botanical garden all rolled up into one great experience.  Each unique part of the museum shows the variations that are desert …

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Jul 27

Nursery Photo Arrangement

Nursery Photo Wall

I always have a hard time deciding how to group photography in frames in our home.  It is especially hard to narrow down which pictures to use when my hubby is such a great photographer.  But somehow for M’s nursery photo arrangement I just knew exactly what I wanted.  Of course I drew some inspiration …

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Jul 26

Flora Photography Number 12 – Red Hibiscus

Red Hybiscus

This picture was taken while on a visit to The Oklahoma City Zoo. It is so nice that so many zoos take the time to have nice foliage and botanical areas along with all the animals. It makes for some great opportunities to practice your photography.  This red hibiscus especially caught my eye because it …

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Jul 25

Top Ten Things to do on the Big Island

Green Sea Turtle

Out of all of the Hawaiian Islands that we have been to the Island of Hawaii aka the Big Island is my personal favorite.  I keep joking with Karen that I want to move there, and if we had the money or a job lined up I am sure it would be more than a …

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Jul 24

M’s week 7

M 7 Weeks

7 week photo Oh we are having so much fun!!  It is so nice to finally feel a little normal again.  M is settling into a pretty predictable routine and her little personality is shining through more and more.  It is so fun to see her smiling and interacting with us as we talk and …

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Jul 23

Monday Musing: Start of a New School Year

Back to School

Well, it was nice while it lasted, but my summer will soon be over as I will be heading back to work for the new school year.  Yes, that is right school starts tomorrow for me.  Why so soon you might ask?  To make a long story short I work at an “all year school” …

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Jul 22

Number 180 L.A. Confidential (1997)

L.A. Confidential

L.A. Confidential is number 180 of our top 200 movie list.  It is directed by Curtis Hanson and stars Russell Crowe, Kevin Spacey, Kim Basinger, Danny DeVito, James Cromwell, and Guy Pearce.  L.A. Confidential is rated R. Karen’s Review LA Confidential is a mobster and cop movie set in the mean streets of Los Angeles …

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