Jun 25

Monday Musing: Olympic Fever

I catch it every four years and I am sure you probably catch it to.  It is Olympic Fever.  Symptoms are that your heart, mind, and soul are captivated by sporting events you give little thought about except for two months out of every four years.  Seriously, next summer a friend or relative calls you up to go do something, and you say you are too busy to go because Women’s Team Archery is about to come on. That scenario is not likely to happen next summer, but here in just a little over a month that is going to happen all across our planet.  We will be stuck to our television sets cheering our countries’ athletes on and then less than a month later our symptoms will be all cleared up.  We will go back to our normal lives only caring about whatever sports (if any) we cared about before the games.  Olympic Fever is truly a wonderful…wonderful illness.

I know I am starting to catch it and by any indication my parents already have caught it and I know this because in our last phone conversation I had with them we talked about the Olympic Trials.  They were already watching them and I made it a point to watch it tonight.  After one event I was hooked and getting more excited about the Olympics with each passing hour.  I do not think there is a cure for Olympic Fever, and I am pretty sure that if there was I would not want one.

So here we go again, the Olympics are almost upon us.  Have you caught the Olympic Fever yet, or are you one of the few that are immune and could care less that the world’s greatest athletes are about to gather together once again.   If you have caught it, what is your favorite sporting event that you are looking forward to?  Is there a sport do you think the Olympic Committee should add?

Every time I think about the Olympics this old Jerry Seinfeld bit pops into my mind.  I hope you enjoy.

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  1. Cecilia

    May the Games Begin!

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