Jun 12

First Blogiversary

1st YearToday is our first Blogiversary, one year ago Karen and I took Karen’s journal that she was keeping of our big moments and places that we have been, activities we have done, and home projects we have started and started writing the tales online.  I say home projects we have ‘started’ because it seems hard for us to get one completely finished because we need the space to live in but we are getting there.  So we took all of those things and decided to write it in a way to keep our family informed on how we were doing thus became our blog.  

Now, you might be looking over at our archives and thinking we are confused as to what month it is and since our baby girl was born last week keeping track of the days on little sleep has been a lot harder, but we are not that confused yet.  Yes it is true that our first blog post was not on June 12th but actually all the way back on February 12th, 2011.  So, how did we come up with June 12th as our Blogivserary date, well it was the first day that we starting keeping track of our hits and page views and a hundred other things that Google Analytics does for us.  We were such newbies to blogging we kept asking each other if we thought anybody was looking at this thing, and like all the widgets and plugins that we added to our blog since then we just spent some time on the internet with an idea in our mind of what we wanted and then went out and found what would work.  Followed up a few weeks later by asking ourselves why in the world did we wait to add it to the blog.     

The main reason that we started this website was the fact that we wanted a good visual way to help us remember all of the things that we have done and seen.  Plus, it could be nice way for me to keep my best photography pictures organized.  Right now, I have them in all sorts of files on the computer, but if we are ever inclined to go back and look at some of the better ones it just an easy click ont he internet.  As the year progressed we just kept adding things like different DIY jobs that we have worked on, to reviewing different attractions that we have seen on vacation.  Finally, we decided lets try to blog everyday just for the writing and creative challenge of it and hopefully help some people along the way so we added book and movie reviews, things that have worked for us in our marriage, and frugal dating tips. 
Big YearThe Numbers — Year One “Plus Some”

399 – The Number of Posts (we did not make our goal of exactly one per day but we were close)

125 — The total number Life Posts (musings, book and movie reviews, blogging etc…)

21 – The total number of Marriage Posts (What makes our Marriage Work, Frugal Dates etc…)

75 – The total number of Photography Posts (Tips, Animals, Flora, Top 25 pictures etc…)

26 – The total number of Remodeling Posts (Hopefully soon we will have some finished projects)

150- The total number of Travel Posts (all the wonderful and sometimes not wonderful places we have been so far, plus some of the tips that we picked up along the way)

374 – Total Number of Comments (we thank you all so much for leaving comments we get so happy every time we get one, thanks again)

2 – Videos that we have made and posted on the blog and our YouTube page (we are planning a lot more)

16,581 – Total number of Visitors we have had, once again thank you so much

124 Total number of Countries that have visited our site

34,824Total number of Pageviews

767 – Most blog pageviews we’re received in a single day

$ — We have made enough to cover the costs of hosting our blog for our two year contract- Yea!!! Thanks again to all those that visit

1.5­ – The average amount of hours per day that I spend working on our site
Kenny and Karen on top of the MountainHighlights and What’s New

Well, to make this short and sweet everything is new, but over the last couple of months we have had made some changes to the site.  Karen and I changed the way that our achives are displayed on the homepage.  We have added a view plugins like Yoast SEO to make our site more visible to web searches and that has paid off for us because our hits have increased significantly.  Some of the biggest highlights that we have had with our blog are when somebody comments about seeing something that we have reviewed and enjoyed it, or when we get an email about place that they went to see after reading about it on our blog thanking us for giving them the idea to go.  Another highlight is seeing that somebody from a far away country was on the site for 10+ minutes.  It is pretty amazing that somebody on the other side of the planet is reading about what Karen and I have to say.  Overall, we have been very pleased with our first year of blogging and hope that this is just the tip of the iceberg.    

Our Goals for next Year

Karen and I have already talked about several things we would love to add the blog, it just depends on finding the time to incorporate them.  We have plans to add a link in the sidebar to the Amazon store that Karen and I have created of all the useful stuff we use around the house and some of the wonderful things that have been handy with baby M.  I have also been contemplating selling some of my photography prints on a site like http://www.imagekind.com/, and I am excited to learn how to use my new camera a Canon D7 so hopefully my photography will only get better.  Karen and I have already been contacted by a few advertisers to put their banner on our site, but we are still debating even if we want to go down that path.  As far as numbers go we would love to double everything from comments to the number of visitors. 

If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to say keep up the good work then please leave us a comment ot let us know how we are doing.  Thanks again for checking out Karen and my adventure.
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