Jun 09

First Few Days of Being a New Parent

First Day Home
These last few days as a new parent brings on a whole new appreciation level that we have for both of our parents.  It is hard to fathom just how fragile and small we once were and that our parents had to take care of us just like we are taking care of our baby.  It just all of a sudden hit home for us that now this little girl will be counting on us just like we were counting on our parents, and until we had kids we just could not fully grasp just how thankful we are for having the parents that we do.

I caught myself today day dreaming about all the things that McKenna and I are going to be able to do together from traveling, to her learning new things, and that I am hopeful that she will like sports or some sort of hobby…maybe she will be a violinist like her momma.  I guess what started me thinking about that was that she was finally put down in her bassinet and was sleeping so I took the opportunity to watch some of the opening rounds of the UEFA European Championship (Soccer Tournament) when a goal was scored I said “Goal” out loud in a quite excited way and she shot her fist up in the air.  It was just a coincidence because when she is laid down on her back sleeping she occasional shoots her arms in the air, but it got me thinking.  So here is hoping that she likes sports, but if she does not and ends up being a dancer, an artist, or something else that makes her happy as long as it is constructive then that is all right with me.      
1 Day Old

It is amazing how much you learn in a day’s time and then there is the lack of sleep so some of things we have had to relearn again and again and again.  For example, on day two our baby was just as happy as can be as long as she was swaddled.  So, day three it would make since to swaddle her as soon as she was unhappy of course did we do that…no, but eventually we remembered to swaddle her and things got better.  On another note more than half the stuff that we read about it all those baby books is mostly out the window.  It is not like we have time to check back in appendix B of the 12th book that we read to figure out what to do next.  In my opinion we could of skipped most of those books because so far, the only book that Karen and I read that has been worth its salt is The Happiest Baby on the Bock by Harvey Karp.  It is amazing using his five “S” steps, now it is a learning curve and not every time we get it right, but so far when we do it perfectly it works every time.  Here is to hoping that we perfect the steps over the next couple weeks and the sooner the better. 

Another wonderful thing is having Karen’s parents close by her family has been amazing especially her older sister and her mom.  The other day Karen was having a slightly bad moment and my encouragement was getting nowhere.  So, I gave Karen’s mom a call and she came right over and before she even got here Karen was already starting to calm down and get more confidence. 
M and Her Giraffe

One of the biggest realizations has been the fact that having just a little bit more confidence and being calm can do for a baby.  Whenever I tense up McKenna tenses up and things just go from bad to worse, but when I can be composed she calms down and things are so much easier.  Of course, being composed when my baby is crying is something that I am far from having perfected, but I am working on it. 

I would love to say the last couple of days have been a breeze for Karen and me but of course life is not that simple.  I guess maybe a celebrity that could afford a whole team to cater to their newborn child could say it is a breeze to raise their kid, but in the real world everything has a learning curve.  Being new to parenting our learning curve seems to be rather steep but each day is a new adventure, and we are both excited about what tomorrow will bring.  Eventually, once we get on a little better schedule Karen will write about her time at the hospital.
Holding M

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  1. cecilia

    You and Karen are going to be great parents.

  2. freda

    Wow I love this post. McKenna is so sweet and pretty and you both are doing such a good job of caring for her. I’m sure you could use a little more sleep but things will get better each day. Kenny it is so great that you are so involved in her life. You will never regrett it. Dads and daughers have a connection like no other. Karen I can’t wait until you can look back and say that wasn’t so bad, we made it through it all and everything is great. Love you all three.

  3. paul

    You’re both doing great. You look just like you were born to do this in your last picture. And McKenna just gets cuter every day.

  4. Lori

    You guys are doing a great job!! McKenna is a lucky girl to have such wonderful caring parents, and we are all so happy to have such a sweet addition to our family 🙂

  5. Kenny and Karen

    Thanks, your encouragement means so much to us!

  6. Neil

    So you’re saying we’ve got our work cut out for us in a few months??? 🙂 Hang in there, you guys are a great team so I know you guys will handle whatever parenting challenges come your way. Can’t wait to meet McKenna!

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Sleep deprivation is probably the biggest challenge, but each day things are getting a little bit easier. I hope I did not just jinx us or this could be a long night.

  7. freda

    I just read this again and you guys look so calm in the pictures. Glad we can all look back on it now and say “It wasn’t too bad.” You have become such good and confident parents, M is growing and is so beautiful, I’d say you are a blessed family. I’m proud to be her Grandma.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thanks- I am glad we looked calm and confident!

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