Jun 04

Decorating our Nursery Part 2

A few days ago we posted about getting on the path for decorating our nursery which you can read by clicking here.  Karen and I have still not completely finished a room in our house (besides the nursery) though we have done a lot a work on other rooms, those last decor items and finishing touches aren’t necessarily in place. So not knowing how much stuff can go in one room was a little shocking to me.  Upon finishing the nursery Karen and I laughed a little about the irony that our first room that is officially finished is for the newest member of our family.  I guess you can say that we have our priorities in the right direction.
Nursery rugWell, after getting our walls painted (Sherman Williams “Swimming”), a chair for Karen, a crib for McKenna, and a place to put all her pretties (as Karen calls them) it was time to move on to the rest of the room.   Our next thing on the list to get was a nice soft rug for the room.  Karen and I looked all over town for one that we liked, but so many of them were not very soft.  We had a nice one for our living room, but we wanted something a little bit different.  Karen and I ended up deciding to go with a smaller version of the one that we had in our living room and we are glad that we did.  It is the softest rug in the world (at least we think so) it is made by a company called KAS and it is their Bliss line.  Almost every time Karen walks on it she quotes the movie Despicable Me.  “It’s So Fluffy!”

After the rug was in place it was time to bring in more of the furniture.  Not to spoil our child completely we decided to go with a lot of hand me down furniture.  At least that is what I am telling everybody, in all actuality we looked and looked but nothing could really strike Karen’s fancy.  So we ended up using a lot of the stuff that we had around the house.  We ended up giving up our dresser to use as a changing station.  To modernize it and make it look new we added new hardware to the drawers.  At around $2 a handle it was a heck of lot cheaper than going out in buying a brand new dresser and changing table for the nursery.
dresser hardwareKaren looked at several different stores for new picture frames but once again she could not find what she wanted which was a good thing for my wallet.  We ended up saving a few dollars by using old frames from a thrift store and a few that we had lying around the house to make a picture collage.  I painted them white to go with our nursery theme and Karen cleaned up the glass and we had brand new looking frames.
Frames Before
Painted framesAnother cost saving measure that Karen used in the nursery was to make our own curtains.  Karen’s mom is a wiz with a sewing machine so she and Karen went out one day to look for fabric.  They went with a white patterned fabric and to make it a little colorful and girly Karen added some little pink pom poms that her mom sewed on.

We also made our own book shelves to add a storage space as well as some texture to the wall.  The book shelves are made out of MDF board that we got from our local Home Depot.  Once again we painted them white to tie in with picture frames on the other side of the room.
book shelvesTo round out the room we used a side table that we got from my grandma a few years ago for Christmas.  My grandma has wonderful taste and it ended up just fitting perfectly and matches our crib. The final touch was adding some colorful tissue paper pom poms to hang from the ceiling and to add some vinyl lettering that will cling to the wall directly above the crib. 
vinyl wall clingKaren and I will post a full nursery tour soon unless we are racing to the hospital because McKenna will finally be ready to join this world.

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