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Jun 30

Pima Air and Space Museum: Aviation Nirvana

Flight Trainer

While on a recent trip to Arizona I got the chance to visit the Pima Air and Space Museum in Tucson which if you like planes than this is your nirvana. It was a really fascinating place, the museum is dedicated to the history of flight and houses one of the largest aircraft collections in …

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Jun 29

Flora Photography Number 15 – Prickly Pear Cactus

Prickly Pear Cactus

This flora photograph of a Prickly Pear Cactus was taken while out in the Southwestern Part of the United States.  We were on a spring break trip in the area and decided to check out some of the botanical gardens while we were there.  This particular picture was taken at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix.  If …

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Jun 28

White Fang by Jack London

White Fang

White Fang by Jack London “He became quicker of movement than the other dogs, swifter of foot, craftier, deadlier, more lithe, more lean with iron like muscle and sinew, more enduring, more cruel more ferocious, and more intelligent. He had to become all these things, else he would not have held his own nor survived …

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Jun 27

Photography Tip – Make the Moment Count


I would say that 99% of the people that own a camera do not have the time or the money to make sure everything is just right before they take the picture.  Yeah, it would be great to be a professional photographer and have time to scout locations, wait for better lighting, and have all …

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Jun 26

M’s Week 3

M 3 Weeks

3 week photo We have made it to week three.  Karen has been grumpy.  Kenny has been patient.  McKenna is a sweet little angel but she is pretty demanding of our time.  At such a young age she is depending on us for everything and we are doing our best to do it all for …

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Jun 25

Monday Musing: Olympic Fever


I catch it every four years and I am sure you probably catch it to.  It is Olympic Fever.  Symptoms are that your heart, mind, and soul are captivated by sporting events you give little thought about except for two months out of every four years.  Seriously, next summer a friend or relative calls you up …

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Jun 24

Tucson Botanical Gardens

Orange Butterfly

 The Tucson Botanical Garden has come a long way since its beginnings as a personal garden at the home of Harrison G. Yocum.  What started out as a large diverse collection of cacti and palms has turned into a botanical garden the city of Tucson can be proud of.  Today, the Tucson Botanical Gardens contain …

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Jun 23

Number 182 The Firm (1993)

The Firm

The Firm is number 182 of our top 200 movie list.  It is directed by Sydney Pollack and stars Tom Cruise, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Gene Hackman, Wilford Brimley, David Strathairn, Holly Hunter,  and Ed Harris.  It is rated R. Karen’s Review The Firm is a great drama/thriller based on the best selling John Grisham novel.  It …

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Jun 22

Easy to Make Bookshelves

Size of the Bookshelf

In planning the nursery, Karen spent countless hours surfing the internet site Pinterest. By the time she was done she had hundreds of things pinned to her board.  After gathering as many ideas as she could, Karen wanted me to go through all of them, Yippee!  Knowing that a happy wife makes for a happy life …

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Jun 21

What Makes Our Marriage Work – Just Be There


Something that has been really helpful for Karen these last couple of weeks is just for me to be a presence in the room.  She knows that I would be willing to do anything to make a situation better, but sometimes she does not need or want me to solve the problem.  All she wants is …

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