May 30

Flora Photography Number 17 – Bottle Brush Tree

Bottle Brush Tree This photograph was taken while on one of the Hawaiian Islands.  This particular plant is not native to Hawaii but was found at one of the botanical gardens that we visited there.  It originates from Australia.  The bottle brush tree needs warm temperatures, moist soil, and bright sunlight which, depending on what side of the island the plant is on, it should get plenty of those things.  That might explain why this particular botanical garden had a large area of bottle brush trees.  Karen and I really enjoy are vacations to the paradise that is Hawaii it is kind of hard to go wrong when we choose that as our destination.  We are looking forward to the next time that we can go.  To find out more of the things that Karen and I did with our time in Hawaii you can click on this link.

I like this picture for a few reasons.  By isolating just one of the flowering parts of the plant it allowed the red part of the plant to really pop in the picture.  Also, lowering the camera down to take the shot instead of taking it from above gives it a slight 3D look because the stem of the flower is going towards the camera.  Finally, I placed the flowering part slightly off center and in a power point location which was my attempt to follow the rule of thirds.

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  1. freda

    Never heard of it. It looks pretty. Good photograph.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thanks, can not wait to use my new camera to see if I can get better photos, but first I have to learn how to use it. This new camera has so many more buttons.

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