May 09

Flora Photography Number 19 – Purple Morning Glory

Morning Glory This photograph was taken on a spring break trip several years ago.  Karen and I had never been to Florida together and we wanted to see Miami, the Keys, and the Everglades.  What we ended up seeing was a lot of our hotel room because Karen ended up getting extremely sick on our trip you can read what we think is a very funny story about it by clicking here.  Karen and I only ended up only getting one day of sight-seeing in before she came down with the stomach flu, and really it was about a half-a-day because after about ten in the morning Karen only got out of the car to use the restroom and as soon as our hotel room was ready we went straight there.

That half a day spent in the Everglades was nice.  I just wish Karen could have seen more of it.  We really want to go back and see the wonderful things the Sunshine State has to offer and put it on our site.  Hopefully it will happen sooner rather than later, but as for now all I can do is plan our next Florida trip with a bit of luck it will turn out better than our last one.

What I like about this particular picture of the purple morning glory is the nice star pattern the flower gives off in the lower left hand corner.  This was taken on the Anhinga Trail in the Everglades on one of the boardwalks.   I also like the contrasting colors between the green of the foliage and the light purple of the flower.  This picture was taken with the Canon Powershot SX 30 IS.

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