May 07

Monday Musing: Need for a Routine

Routine It seems like I have been flying by the seat of my pants the last couple of weeks, and I know things are going to be even crazier as soon as the baby arrives- sometime at the end of this month or early next month.  So, Karen and I are trying to get some basic routines down before she gets here, which is why establishing some patterns is one of our big goals for this week.  That way when things get hectic, and they will, hopefully we will not be running around like our hair is on fire.

Now what I am talking about is just simple things like putting the dishes not in the sink when they are dirty, but in the dishwasher.  See what happens is when we put them in our sink things just pile up, so we are going to make a more conscientious decision to not do the lazy thing which is put them in the sink after we use a cup or dish, but to take that extra step and put them in the dish washer.  It seems like such a simple thing, but at times they still pile up.  Now I cannot blame Karen for this because when she puts a plate in the sink it is because I have not emptied the dishwasher yet, but I still find myself, even with an empty dishwasher, occasionally still placing a glass into the sink, but I am working on it.

Other things like making sure we tidy up after ourselves instead of letting little things go until the big cleanup day which usually takes place on the weekend.  We have noticed, and rightly so, that when we just do the little things there ends up not being so many big things that we have to do later.  Another thing that I have just started this past weekend (I’m sure Karen is glad) is to not put things off.  For example, we went to Home Depot and several other stores to pick up some things for the house and instead of telling myself that it is already close to 5:00 I will just put it off for another day I started to get the chores done.  I continued it today and now most of the projects that I normally would have put aside for the next weekend are now done so I can get a jumpstart on this weekend’s honey-do-list.

Of course, I am not just talking about household chores or projects, but it also deals with exercise, this blog, and work.  Tomorrow I am going to start my exercise routine again which will include running and then on my off days, which does not make them much of a day off, do P90X.  On Sunday, I started up a few extra blog posts so that we can keep adding fresh content everyday because trying to post one a day and not having any of them built up ahead of time makes for some late nights.  Finally, get our work done at work that way we are not bringing it home which is not always possible, but I know that I have been slipping at work lately and find myself doing more of it at home.

Why the need for a routine?  For us it is a pretty simple answer because without a routine it is too easy to fall into lazy habits and when our baby is here I know that I do not want to use her as an excuse as to why I am not in better shape, getting house projects done, or falling behind in the things that I need to get done.

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