May 05

Laying Wood Floors in the Hallway

Quiet Walk Karen and I have laid our copper maple wood floors in both of the back bedrooms and before McKenna (our baby girl) gets here we wanted to get the flooring done in half our house.  To get to that point we needed to connect our kitchen tile to our two bedrooms in the back of the house.  Going in we knew the hall was going to be the trickiest part in the getting the floor down because of the two hall closets and the bathroom doorway.
Cutting the Doorjam

The first thing that had to be done was to undercut the door jams.  Now being our third go at laying wood floors I have become a bit of an “expert” in cutting the door trim to let the floors slip underneath.  I am getting so good at it that I forgot to cut one of them in my hurry to get it done.  It is not that hard to do nevertheless it drives me nuts.  I think it is fact that I am so close to putting the floors down that I do not want to go around looking for a saw, then undercutting the space, followed up by getting the dust-buster to suck up the debris.  When I start a project I am ready to get it over with as quickly as I can.
What not to do

This is the way we left things on our last floor laying adventure.  Now this was not the proper way to lay the wood floors. (Above Picture) What Karen and I should have done was lay them one connected row at a time not have a big gap in the middle.  I think that we were so concerned with getting the floors placed right in the doorway to the bathroom (on the right) that we ended up making more work for ourselves later on.  To fix the problem we ended up having to use a rubber mallet, an old board and a towel so we did not mark up the new boards and tap the boards down into place.   Eventually we got back on track and from that point on it was pretty smooth sailing.
Wood Floors

Once we reached the far wall of the hallway all we had to do was make it into our second hall closet.  Already having plenty of practice in the other two bedrooms everything went pretty smooth.  Karen and I had to keep checking to make sure our joints in the different rows were lining up or I would have had to cut our boards at different widths.  Once we got into a rhythm it went pretty fast.
Into the Closet

Now that we were finished with the hall all we had left was the living room and half of our house would have flooring in place.  I cannot remember the last time that part of the house had some type of flooring on it.  Karen was happy with the finished product which made me happy because a happy wife means a happy life.  Check back with plainadventure.com to see how the floors turned out in the living room.

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  1. cecilia

    The floors look really nice, you did a good job. When are coming up to do mine 🙂

    1. Kenny and Karen

      I thought I already helped with yours? If you have new plans let me know I will see what I can do.

  2. freda

    They look great. You did a good job, as usual.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thanks-Slowly we are getting there.

  3. dorthypacker

    Thank you so much for posting this information on the process of laying down a wood floor. It looks really great, and I would love to get a wood floor in my kitchen. Do you know anyone that does flooring in phoenix? Thank you for your help!

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thank you for commenting and the kind words. I personally would go through lumber liquidators because they seem to have the best prices, in our neck of the woods, but make sure you shop around and do your research. Hope your floors turnout great!

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