Apr 29

Bumpdate: 33 weeks

33 weeks pregnantHow Far Along: 33 weeks and having lots of fun!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I am up 21 pounds right now.  Right on track, yay!

Maternity Clothes: I went to Motherhood Maternity to try to find a dress for my baby shower.  I was looking for something pink, springy or baby girlish.  However, I ended up finding a great red dress and a nice black one.  I was a little worried they would look out of place at a baby girl shower.  I ended up wearing the red dress with a turquoise necklace and shoes and it turned out super cute.  You can see it in the picture above.

Gender: It’s a precious little girl!  I’m getting more and more excited about dressing her up in cutesy ruffled things and little hair bows and shoes.  So fun!

Movement: Boy is she ever moving!  She has always been especially active in the evenings.  I am still completely in love with all her movement.  I think I’m starting to feel elbows and heels just pushing away, like a S-H-O-V-E and hold.

Sleep: I haven’t been getting as much sleep as usual here lately.  We have been burning the midnight oil getting ready for Kenny’s half marathon, visits with family and my baby shower.  I think the next few weeks will give us some time to breathe and get back to our usual sleep schedule.  I’ve got to get in all I can before she’s here.

What I miss:  I’m still really wanting to go for a nice walk with Kenny.

Cravings: I have really been craving salad this week.  I think I have had big grilled chicken salads for lunch about four of the last seven days.  Cattleman’s Steakhouse has an especially yummy version.

Best Moment this week: I got to enjoy my fabulous baby shower on Saturday!!  My sweet hostesses pulled off the perfect day.  The food was perfection, the games and activities were fun and entertaining and all my sweet guests just showered me with beautiful things.  I’ll probably do a separate post with all the pictures and details.  Needless to say I felt especially blessed.

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