Apr 27

Maternity Photographs Using Props

KarenLast weekend Karen and I got to spend a few hours at the beautiful garden where we got married.  We were there to take maternity pictures and our awesome photographer was Karen’s sister Lori who did a wonderful job.  We were so glad that she was willing to take pictures and as you can see they turned out really well, and it sure beat having to pay a professional to get basically the same shots.  Out of the kindness of her heart all it cost was to pick up her lunch tab at a diner we ate at, and we would have done that anyway.

To prepare for the maternity pictures Karen spent countless hours on her new favorite thing, which is Pinterest.  After gathering a bunch of ideas from that website she set to work gathering up the props that she wanted and setting up the date to take her pictures.  She is so good at things like that all I had to do was get her there and smile big for the camera when I was in the shot and when I was not stay out of the way.  So, I would say that it was wonderful by all accounts.
Baby in Blocks

Karen used what was our first baby-buy which were a cute pair of pink baby booties.
Pink Baby Booties

She then used other props like a chalk board which we wrote our babies name on, then also took several shots were the board was left blank so we can digitally add words to it later if we want.
McKenna Piper

Next she spelled out words on her belly using baby blocks followed by pictures of her holding ultrasound pictures.
Schell in Blocks

The last two props that Karen used were a rubber ducky since we were taking pictures by a pond and pictures of Karen with a purple ribbon tied up in a bow around her belly.
Rubber Ducky

All-in-all it was a lot of fun going there to get the pictures taken, and on the plus side it made my wife really happy.  Being around a pregnant lady for the first time in my life I have found that as long as they are happy everybody else around them will be happy too!

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  1. Freda Phillips

    Cute ideas. You look beautiful, and happy.

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