Apr 25

Flora Photography Number 20 – Yellow Persian Buttercup

Persian Buttercup Yellow As I was walking through the botanical garden in Albuquerque’s BioPark I stopped to look at something that I thought was a type of marigold.  Having worked at a plant nursery during my college summers I thought I knew a little bit about flowers.  As I got closer to take a few pictures I noticed that I was wrong and it was a different type of flower.  I looked around for the sign and learned that it was a Persian buttercup.  I knew nothing about the flower or where it was from.  After a quick look on the internet I found out that it comes from a bulb that originated in the Mediterranean region that come in a variety of color.  If Karen or I had any type of a green thumb we would try to grow these things, instead we will probably just stick to the annuals and perennials that we are used to.

I picked this as my 20th best flora photograph because I like how a few of the flowers pop on the left side of the picture and then fade into the background.  Also, this flower was very unique to me, I do not know if that is just because I have not noticed them at the other gardens Karen and I have been to or maybe it is just a unique flower.  The photo does have some editing done to it using PicMonkey.com which has become my go to site since Picnik.com has closed.  Eventually I might upgrade to a Photoshop or something a little bit more professional however PicMonkey so far has taken care of all my photo editing needs.

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