Apr 21

Bumpdate: 32 weeks pregnant

32 weeks pregnantHow Far Along: 32 weeks, I’m loving every moment at this point.  We’re so close to the end I’m feeling like I should really soak up every second!  My doctor said I’m measuring more like 34 weeks so maybe she’s even closer than we think.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Yikes, I actually lost four pounds this week.  I was sick with an AWFUL stomach virus so I think a lot of it was water weight.  So, that makes me up sixteen pounds right now.

Maternity Clothes: I had a maternity photo shoot today at the gorgeous garden where Kenny and I got married so the pressure was on to find a few more cute maternity items.  I bought about four new shirts and one new dress.  I can’t wait to wear them all!

Gender: It’s a precious little girl! I keep having dreams where she is a BOY!!  It’s so crazy, I KNOW she is a girl, we’ve had many, many ultrasounds and each time they double check.  Maybe I can just chalk those up to the crazy pregnant dreams right?

Movement: I don’t know how she still has room to be doing so much moving but I still absolutely am in love with her kicks and squirms.  I have felt her so much that it’s going to be odd when she’s not inside there anymore.  I’m going to have to video tape my belly wiggling and bulging so I can remember it forever. 

Sleep: We’ve been going to bed a little late recently.  I guess we just get involved with whatever project we’re working on.  I still sleep really great I just wouldn’t mind a few more hours.  I still definitely recommend my great pregnancy pillow that Kenny bought me for Christmas.  It really helps to have something cradling me and between my knees to help my hips stay aligned. 

What I miss: I just want to go for a walk so bad.  The weather is gorgeous and it’s something fun that Kenny and I love to do together.  No worries, we’ll be walking together again soon.

Cravings: Well, that horrible stomach virus left me not eating much at all for a few days, but when I did finally get some semblance of an appetite back I ate either dry toast or rice with eggs.  We had Freddy’s Frozen Custard today after the photoshoot and that really hit the spot.  Yum!

Best Moment this week: The day I was feeling 100% better after the stomach virus.  Being pregnant never felt so easy until I had experienced being pregnant AND sick!  Just pregnant is SO MUCH better.

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