Apr 20

Modernizing the Hall Closet

Contact Paper Our house had been captured by a gigantic pause button, and was stuck somewhere between the late seventies to early eighties.  So, over the last couple of years Karen and I have been trying to get it to catch back up with the present.  One of the places that needed some help and ended up making a good weekend project that I worked on not long ago was our hall closet.  It only took a few hours of work over two days and Karen and I have a nice clean fresh looking place to store our stuff.  I am finding out that the older I get the more stuff I have accumulated and as I cleaned out the closet I understand why it my things are called stuff and not assets.
About to Paint

After I cleaned out all the shelves and threw away some of our stuff that I had moved into the category of junk I tackled the contact paper.  Now I understand why somebody would put in contact paper in a closet to protect the wood shelves, but why would they go with a vegetable and mushroom motif is beyond me.  Removing the contact paper was rather easy I just used a razor blade and snagged a corner of it up, sliced across it and ripped it out.
Getting the Edges

Once the contact paper was removed I ran down to the local Home Depot and bought some BEHR Premium Plus eggshell white paint.  Karen and I decided to go with white because closets are naturally dark and we wanted to brighten it up as much as we could.  We also went with eggshell because it has a low-sheen finish that is easily washable that I can easily touch up the areas that get dinged up over time.  I ended up having to put two coats of paint on just to make it come out even due to the many angles and corners that were in the closet.  Even though closets are tiny spaces I would have rather been painting a whole room than that tiny space becasue of all the edges and angles that I had fit my brush in.

Karen and I still have to add a fresh coat of stain to bring new life to the wood work and closet door.  When we tackle that we are going to change out the door handle and hinges from the bronze/golden color it has now to more of a brushed nickel look that goes with rest of the metal work that we have been installing lately.  So, one closet almost finished and one more to go and our hall closets will be done so we can then fill them up with all our wonderful stuff.

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