Apr 18

Finding out we’re pregnant!

My diary entry from September 30th, 2011

I can’t even believe this is happening!  Last night as I was getting into bed I was thinking, you know…I’m a teensy bit ‘late’ this month.  I think I’ll set out that pregnancy test I have in the medicine cabinet and I’ll just take that test tomorrow morning.  Kenny and I had only recently started considering the idea of trying to conceive and only this month had actually been trying.  So, needless to say I was completely SHOCKED when the test came back positive!

I woke up a little restless about 6:00 am and headed towards the bathroom…

I watched with nervous anticipation as that tiny blue line started to fade in across the screen.  It definitely didn’t take the full two minutes that the test indicated.  I clutched the test in my hands and jumped for joy, basically collapsed to the floor and immediately began praying, Lord thank you for this precious little life that you have entrusted to me and Kenny.  Please keep this baby safe and healthy and growing strong.  Please protect this sweet life.  Over and over again.  I have found myself still praying that prayer throughout this whole day.

I couldn’t believe it, it couldn’t be true!  I silently debated how exactly I was going to break the big news to Kenny.  He was still asleep in the other room and I wanted him fully awake to enjoy this exciting surprise so I decided I’d cook up a great way to tell him and break the news when he got home after work.

Still not fully trusting that one flimsy pregnancy test I continued my prayers and decided to grab another test, this time one with a digital read out, on my way to work.  Kenny and I were carpooling to work this morning, so I grinned with glee in the passenger seat while Kenny wondered aloud ‘what are you smiling about’?

I dropped him off at work and immediately headed for Wal Greens cooking up a plan to share my secret with Kenny.  I purchased a three-sie digital EPT test along with some other fun supplies and ventured on towards work.

I was waiting in the parking lot for a few minutes for my Dad to arrive to unlock the building and had time to figure out a great way to share the news with my sweet hubby.  Dad finally arrived and let me in to work.  He then said he was going run to sonic to get a coffee and kindly offered to get me a drink.  I agreed and instantly knew this was my moment to take the digital test.

The moment Dad stepped out the door I grabbed the test and headed to the bathroom.  Once again I waited in nervous anticipation and the tiny hourglass signal flashed.  Flash, flash, flash, PREGNANT!  My heart palpitated with joy!!  Thank you Lord, thank you, thank you!
pregnant 6I could barely concentrate all day at work.  I’d start one task and my mind would quickly wander… I’m having a baby!  Kenny and I are having A BABY!!  I quickly felt so different, like I had a magical miracle growing inside me.  I was scared to do even the easiest tasks.  Can I carry this box?  Should I be lifting this ten pound bag?  Is it okay to use a Sharpie?  I’m such a nut!

Somehow I got through my workday, I even got to leave a little early.  Dad and I dropped off some packages at UPS and then headed on home.

By some funny turn of events this just happened to be the weekend we had rented a big commercial cherry picker to trim the trees at my parents house and Kenny and my house (you’ll have to excuse the pictures below, I look a little bedraggled because I had been tree trimming all evening).  I drove home and quickly changed clothes and took just enough time to set up my gift for Kenny.  I got a fun gift bag that said “Woo Hoo” on the front and inside it I put a bag of peanut M&M’s, a bag of roasted salted peanuts and the digital pregnancy test with a little note attached “Congratulations on your newest little peanut!  We love you Daddy!”
pregnant 5I drove to my parents house and commenced to drive the cherry picker while Dad sawed and trimmed away dead tree limbs, all the while floating on air with my new secret.  I left about 6:15 to go pick Kenny up from work, nerves (or maybe a teensy tiny baby) fluttered in my tummy.
pregnant 2Kenny had just finished up soccer practice so we drove quickly home so he could change out of his soccer cleats and then headed over to Mom and Dad’s house.  It was nearly dark and they had neighbors and friends stopping by to marvel at the big cherry picker in the front yard.  So, we didn’t really get to do much helping before we headed back home.

Kenny and I ate dinner and he wrote up a blog post while I bit my finger nails nervously trying to time the perfect moment to discretely set up the video camera and convince Kenny to come open this random present.

Finally he finished his blog post and I got everything secretly set up.

Kenny opened his gift and got the biggest grin I have ever seen on his face, he turned to me and asked “really!?”  It.was.perfect!  And I caught the whole thing on film.
pregnant 3I made him promise me he won’t tell a single person until we figure out exactly how to share the news.
pregnant 4 with thought bubbleWow! What an amazing, exciting, wonderful, miraculous day!

I can only go back to my prayer, thank you….thank you Lord

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