Apr 17

Flora Photography Number 21 – Giant Sequoia

Giant Sequoia A few years ago Karen and I, along with her parents, got to spend some time together in the beautiful state that is California.  Unfortunately, we went on this vacation about a year before we were even thinking about starting Plain Adventure.  If I would have had an inkling that I was going to be doing this blog I would have taken better notes and pictures of the wonderful things that we got to see and do on that vacation.  I guess the only downside is that I have to talk Karen into going back out there someday in the future so I can properly document it on our online scrapbook so in hindsight maybe it was not so much of a bad idea that I did not get it right the first time.

Of all the things that we saw while we were there, and there were a lot of stunning things to see, the most awe inspiring to me were the sequoia trees.  Nothing like a seeing the largest tree (by volume) and seeing it tower 200 feet above to take a person’s ego down a peg.  It was a truly amazing feeling to see those things and realize while we all get wrapped up in our own little worlds there are things out there that have been on this planet a lot longer thing myself and will be here (hopefully) a lot longer after I am gone.  For me it was a lot like looking at the stars on a very clear night and trying to fathom just how big the universe is which is a very humbling experience.

It was a lot of fun trying to photograph these giant trees.  When I was out taking pictures I was just trying to get one shot that showed the vastness of these trees.  My parents have never made it out that way and I knew that words alone could not describe the giant sequoia.  I tried to describe it to them and I showed them the pictures that I had taken which you can see by checking out or Mariposa Grove post, but after all my words and the pictures I had taken I just told them that they needed to go to see for themselves.  If you have never been to Yosemite, King’s Canyon, or Sequoia National Park then Karen and I highly suggest you at least consider those places on your next vacation.

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