Apr 13

Travel Tip – Avoid Rush Hour

Rush Hour Oahu This tip is pretty straight forward, but at times I find myself not following it because I did not plan far enough ahead.  I mean it is pretty easy for us to leave our home when it is not rush hour and for us that means either leaving before 7:30 in the morning or after 9 a.m. or not trying to leave between 4:30 and 6 at night.  So, we can work that out when we are taking off on our vacation, but Karen and I also try to make sure we are not trying to drive through any major cities during rush hour on our vacations.  That is where a lot of advanced planning comes in plus trying to stick close to a vacation schedule that spends our vacation time wisely, having lots of fun and seeing lots of places versus spending an hour or more in traffic just seeing the bumper of the car in front of us.

Karen and I have found that avoiding rush hour traffic obviously gives us a less stressful vacation which is what vacations should be all about.  Not only that but working our schedule around those times of heavy traffic we are able to see more things because we are not stuck in traffic.
Rush Hour traffic

We learned this lesson on our first vacation together when we visited Oahu a few years ago.  Our first morning there we were excited about going snorkeling in Hanauma Bay not even thinking about the traffic we left the hotel a little after 7:30 on a work day and it seem to take forever to get there.   We enjoyed our time at Hanauma Bay so much we went back the next morning but left about thirty minutes earlier and made it about a fourth of the time.  Unfortunately that lesson that we learning in Oahu has not always stuck with us.  On a road trip to Corpus Christi Texas we hit Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio all at rush hour.  The hours lost on that trip would have been better served either relaxing at the hotel or sightseeing instead of trying to maintain ones nerves negotiating traffic with some of those wonderful drivers in those great cities.

Since that Texas trip we have made an extra effort to plan out our days a little bit better to avoid driving during rush hour.  Yes, it is a little extra effort at looking at maps and takes a little spontaneity out of our trip because we have a schedule we try to stick to.  However, Karen and I would rather be on a semi-schedule then be stuck in traffic behind a semi.

1st Photo via http://www.islandbreath.org/2012Year/04/120402oahujam.jpg
2nd Photo via http://www.yorkblog.com/teentakeover/traffic_ hybrid_technology-755175.jpg

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