Apr 11

Flora Photography Number 22- Black Eyed Susan

Blackeyed Susan This photograph is just another reminder for me to always have a camera on hand because I never know where inspiration will come from.  Karen and I like to take walks and one of our favorite spots to go to is a lake that is near our house.  Before Karen was placed on semi-bed rest we would try to go there a couple times a week to walk around, feed the ducks, and enjoy the outdoors.  Sometimes we bring a camera along with us and other times we do not.  On this particular day in spring the wildflowers were in bloom and I stooped down in front of a black eyed Susan and took a picture.  Later when Karen and I were looking at the pictures she noticed a ladybug crawling on one of the stems of the flower on the far right side.

This was one of the first flora pictures that I had ever taken.  The lighting worked well for me in this picture giving plenty of light on the flower.  I focused in on the flower which blurred out the background giving it a very soft look.  The clouds provide just enough texture to the blue sky to help it from having a dull look.  The only thing that I wish was a little bit different in this picture was the fact that the ladybug is in a shadow so it does not stand out as much as I would like.  Overall, I am just glad that I had a camera with me so I could just keep shooting.

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1 comment

  1. Freda Phillips

    Very pretty. I love Lady Bugs

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