Apr 04

Flora Photography Number 23 – Yellow Rose

Yellow Rose One of the good things about taking flora photographs is that inspiration can come from a backyard, a public garden, or just about any location around you.  There is no need to spend lots of money so you can travel across the planet in search of inspiring things to photograph.  While it is wonderful to be able to do that, most of us do not have time or can’t afford to see all the wonders the third rock from the sun has to offer.  This picture was taken at a local park in the rose garden.  It is just a simple yellow rose with some decent lighting a little off center which makes for a pleasantly aesthetic picture in my opinion.

First and foremost I like this picture because it is a simple rose and anybody that has a camera could take one just like it.  The only thing that I did was move the rose just a little bit off center and I actually used a tripod this time to take it, which always seems to help.  Why do i not use a tripod more often?  Well I guess I would just chalk that up to laziness or the impracticality of using one every time I am out taking pictures, but they sure make for better shots and I really need to get into the habit of using one more often.  Another aspect of this photo that is pleasing to me is how the light and shadows fall on the different petals of the flower.  Even though it is not a perfect rose or the perfect photograph it is still something that I am happy with and in the end that is what photography should be all about.

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  1. cecilia

    Beautiful Yellow Roses have always been my favorite.

  2. freda phillips

    I like it. I might like it even more if it was pink.

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