Mar 29

What Makes Our Marriage Work- We remember the good times

happy message I can say that I am truly blessed with a wonderful wife.  Karen is the sweetest, gentlest person that is always trying to look for ways to make my day better.  However we are both human and sometimes our days do not go as planned, work gets hard, and we have our moody and cranky days just like everybody else.  If we are having a bad day we try to look to better times from days past.  Especially things that stand out in our minds so that all it takes is a few words from one of us and then the days do not seem as long and whatever problem we were having does not seem as bad or as important as we thought it was.

This idea to remember some of our personal jokes has really come in handy the last couple of months.  With the baby on the way Karen and I have really felt the pressure start to weigh on our shoulders.  Being first time parents we of course have the constant worries that anybody would have.  Unfortunately it is not only that, but we also have career pressures that both of us are going through.  Karen is currently working two jobs and how she will cope with that when the baby comes is a taxing thing to worry about.  I on the other hand am a teacher and we are now entering the testing season which is stressful because my whole year is based on one day and how well my students do.  For those taking notes at home, I work at a high risk school that is on the priority list by my state’s department of education.  Luckily for me I am not too worried about how my students will do since my classes have always done well, but at the same time every year it is a little tense not knowing how knowing how hard they will try on their tests.

It is a not just career and baby things that are putting some stress on us, but trying to get our house done in time before the baby is here.  Coming home from a long day at work, then getting a post on the blog, followed by the regular chores, and finally getting a chance to work on something that needs to be done on the house or the nursery makes for some long days and short nights.  So, when it seems that we are swimming against the current on a fast moving river, and we are not getting anywhere we think of something funny, special or sentimental  from our past and then we know no matter what life throws at us we are going to be just fine.

So, the next time you might be having a long day we would humbly suggest that you think of anything that will lighten the load and give you a short respite.  Life is too short to be stressed out all the time so give yourself something to smile about by remembering the good times that you have had.

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