Mar 26

Monday Musing: Answers to your Questions

Questions and Answers Well, I had no idea what to expect when I wrote last week’s Monday Musing.  I was so happy to see a few questions to answer at least that tells me that there are some people out there that are at least interested in what we have to say on this site, which makes it all worth while in the end.  So I just want to thank all those that wrote in and if you have something to say or any questions about what we do or how we did it feel free to write us or leave it in one of our comment sections.

Candace asked “Your pictures are all amazing, what kind of camera do you use?” 

First of all thank you for those nice things you said about my photographs.  I currently use a Canon SX30IS which is a 14.1 megapixel 35X optical zoom camera.  I have really enjoyed using it, and glad that I have one.  However, I would really like to upgrade to a Canon DSLR but justifying the price point is another matter.  Maybe someday I will get over the price and can talk Karen into it.

Jennifer asked “How do you guys decide where to go on vacation? Where would you like to go next?”

Usually I will look at our budget and how much time that we will have and from there I will come up with a list of around five places that fit that criteria.  Once I have my list, Karen and I will sit down and go over the pros and cons of each trip and then Karen will usually make the ultimate decision.  Oh, wow the second part is too long to list because there are hundreds of places we would like to go to, but now that we have a little one on the way long distance plane trips are something that we are not going to do for a while.  I would say that our next trip will be either a Pacific Coast trip through California to as close to Seattle as we can get or southeast trip to Atlanta down to the Florida.  The final option might be a trip through Ohio to Pennsylvania to see the wonderful zoos, museums, and sites of those states.  Now all of that is up in the air and when we finally sit down to talk about it we might be on our way to Yellowstone.

Sara asked “I really liked your frugal date ideas, can you do some more of those? Your site is great!”

Thanks for the comment! Since we are penny pinchers by nature and the fact that both of us have good jobs, but not the ones we are going to be able to retire on, or go out and get a fancy new car every couple of years, we need to watch our pennies.  We had planned on doing all of those dates in a timely manner, but life and a baby on the way has made us change our plans.  With Karen needing to be off her feet as much as possible (doctor’s orders) we have not been able to go on as many dates as we would like.  We do look forward to getting out there as much as possible as soon as we can.

Micah asked “I saw that you’ve been to most of the Hawaiian Islands. Which one is your favorite and why? Also, how do you make your trips budget friendly?

Karen and I love the Hawaiian Islands.  I would love to someday have a house there, but right now that is just a pipe dream.  As far as our favorite Hawaiian Island…that is a tough one.  I would say that Big Island is our favorite just because there are a lot less people there than the other islands that we have been to.  Oahu was fun but just too crowded for our tastes, and Maui was wonderful the snorkeling just awesome, but it is just more expensive then the Big Island.  Now no trip to Hawaii has been that budget friendly, but to get the best deal that we can we are constantly checking deals on different websites.  We are also on several emailing list that have travel deals like travelzoo.com.  It also helps with airfare if you can travel midweek, leaving and returning on a Tuesday or Wedensday.  When we have planned on going to the Hawaiian Islands we save as much as we can and then look to find a deal that we can afford.

Emm wrote, “I think your photography is great and I like your layout! I even skipped to the bottom to check what blogging platform / design you have as I was pretty impressed.”     

Thanks for the wonderful comment!  We will keep doing the best that we can hope you and all the other people that stop by our website like what they see.

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