Mar 21

A glimpse of our sweet baby

I am so thankful for technology.  Just think about how far we’ve come even in the past few decades alone!  One technology Kenny and I have been especially thankful for recently is ultrasound technology.  We’ve written on here in the past about how I had to have a cerclage surgery around 20 weeks where they put some strong stitches in to keep the baby from coming before it’s time.  Without the ultrasound capabilities that they have now the doctors would have never even known there was an issue and we might have lost our precious girl.  I just shudder to think about it and say a prayer of thanks for the miracle that she is to me!

Since that procedure we’ve had the opportunity to have several more ultrasounds than most people would probably have, just to check on the stitches and make sure things are proceeding the way that they should be.

Today I just wanted to share some of the amazing ultrasound pictures of our beautiful baby.  Here is her first little photoshoot at six weeks. 
6 weeksShe’s just a tiny little thing.  We can remember so vividly seeing and hearing the amazing flicker of her precious heartbeat.  Just thinking back to that day brings tears to my eyes.  I haven’t even met her yet and I am already head over heels in LOVE!

Look how much she changed in just TWO short weeks!  Here she is at eight weeks along. 
8 weeksShe looks like a cozy little baby here.  You can see her head and her body starting to develop more.  We included this ultrasound picture in our Christmas cards.

We got to see our little baby doll again at fourteen weeks and were just blown away at how much she had developed into a real tiny human!  We could see her arms and legs, fingers and toes, it was just amazing and heart melting.

14 weeks 2I just adore her precious nose and lips in this picture!  I think she’s going to have Kennys ‘cute as a button’ nose. Shhh don’t tell him I said that.
14 weeksThis picture is also at fourteen weeks. I wanted to show you guys how good this little sweetie is at arching her back!  We were also amazed to see her perfect little spine and the long straight bones in her legs.  God is good!

Here is her adorable little foot at twenty-one weeks.  I can’t wait to see her little feetsies in person and kiss them and just love her to pieces!
21 weeks footI kept having this crazy dream that she was just a little head and body nugget with no arms or legs so it was definately a relief to see all her perfect appendages. Aren’t pregnant dreams crazy!?! Just recently I dreamed she was born and I went to change her diaper and she was a BOY!!

Last but not least (actually this is my FAVORITE picture of her so far) is a 4D photo of her lovely little face at twenty-four weeks.
24 weeksShe is already just like her Momma, sleeping with her hands up by her face like that.  It is absolutely unbelievable to see her moving all around, yawning, blinking, moving her fingers.  We just thank God everyday for this amazing miracle and for the technology that lets us see her before she’s even born.

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  1. Freda Phillips

    That is wonderful. I had to wait til you were here before I could count your fingers and toes.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Technology sure can be a blessing… sometimes

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