Mar 20

Photography Tip – Take Pictures of Plants

Black Eyed Susan There are lots of things out there to photograph, but I have found that taking pictures of plants can be just as rewarding as capturing a sunrise, wildlife, or people.  One of the many good things about taking a picture of a flower, bush, or tree; is knowing that the plant is not going anywhere.  With an animal there is always the chance you might spook it or it will turn its back on you.  A sunrise or sunset requires patience for the light, lightening or a very good alarm clock for those like me that have trouble getting out of bed.  People are fun to photograph especially if it is family, but nobody wants to be the strange relative with a camera that takes a thousand pictures at every family gathering.  Everybody has one of those guys in the family.  On the plus side if you are like me and have a wife that likes to go to gardens this gives me something to do while she is out taking in the wonderful sights and scents of the plants around her.
Water Lily

When I am out taking pictures of plants it is usually just because I am there and I try to get the best shots that I can.  Of course, if you have been planning it all week and are explicitly going to take pictures of flowers then you will want to make sure you pick out the right time of day.  If those vibrant flowers are in the shade in the afternoon then morning will be your best bet and so on and so on.  Now if you are just an amateur like me then just go with what you’ve got.  I like to walk through and take pictures as I go and if something is in the shade that I want to take a picture of then I will head back that way before Karen and I go home.  If it is still in the shade by that point then I just forget about it and move on.  Not much I can do about it when I do not have all the time in the world.

Another thing I should use more often when taking pictures of flowers or just about any time really is a tripod.  The good thing about using a tripod when photographing pictures is that the plant is not going anywhere.  It becomes really easy to change the settings on the tripod and move it around to get a better or different perspective.  Maybe the light is hitting it a little bit better on the other side of the branch or you can catch those water droplets a lot easier and crisper with a tripod.  For example the picture below was handheld while some of it came out well the rest not so much.
Baby Tomato

There are lots of reasons to photograph flowers, bushes, or trees.  The main one for me is the fact that they are all around us.  Almost every town across the country has some sort of park, plant nursery, or botanical garden that is within a short driving distance.  The good thing about taking pictures in your local area is the fact that it will not be a mystery what you are going to be taking a picture of and then you can experiment with time of day, shady versus sunny or different settings on your camera. The experimentation process becomes a good way to see what works for you and want types of photos you can take.
Yellow Rose

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