Mar 18

Bumpdate: 27 weeks

27 weeks pregnantHow Far Along: 27 weeks, Third Trimester!! Wow!!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Yowza!  How did I decide it was a GOOD idea to share my weight gain with the world!? Oh well, I guess it will be a good thing for me to remember some day when our sweet little girl becomes a momma.  I’m up 18.5 pounds, my goal for this coming week is to keep eating healthily and hold steady.  My doctor says I’m doing great so that is encouraging.

Maternity Clothes: It’s getting warmer outside, I’m going to have to get some cute dresses or skirts or shorts.  I’ll probably go check target and see if they have some cute stuff that isn’t too expensive.

Gender: It’s a precious little girl!  I made my first baby related clothing purchase this week with my mom, the most adorable, tiny pair of pink shoes for my sweetie baby.  I set them on the coffee table and my heart just melts every time I look at them.

Movement: Feeling her move has GOT to be the most exciting, wonderful, amazing, feeling in the whole world.  I just grin with glee every time I feel her (which is a LOT).  Sometime she does a big roll and it makes me jump that she’s moving so big.  I get distracted at work sometimes just watching my belly flick and twitch.

Sleep: No sleep problems here, I just have to get horizontal on the couch and I’m out like a log. I’ve also been listening to Lisa’s hypnobabies cd’s at night right before I fall asleep in bed. They are so soothing and relaxing, spa like sounds and a reassuring ladies voice helping you get peaceful and relaxed. I love them!

What I miss: Hmm, I’m doing pretty good this week.  I feel strong and healthy and am feeling really encouraged that things are going well.  I can’t think of anything that I’m missing and I wouldn’t trade this experience for ANYTHING in the world!

Cravings: I am thirsty ALL THE TIME!  I guess that is a good thing because I have really been chugging the water.  Seriously, can’t get enough!

Best Moment this week: Making it to the third trimester, starting our baby registry (wow, THAT was an experience) and buying her precious shoes!

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  1. freda phillips

    fun times. Love you

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