Mar 15

Wildlife Photography Number 1 – Bald Eagle

1 Eagle watermark I have always been fascinated with Bald Eagles one would suspect that it is national pride.   It might be due to the fact that when I was a kid seeing a bald eagle was an extremely rare sighting considering they were endangered at that time.  Of course, it could just be their large size, the height they can soar to, or their distinctive look that draws my eye.  It does not matter where Karen or I are, if there is a chance to see a bald eagle I get excited about the trip.

One of the more interesting experiences I had while in the Yellowstone area involved a bald eagle.  I was looking for one the entire time we were there.  I had already marked just about everything else off my list of things to see grizzly and black bears, elk, buffalo, big horn sheep, and a variety of other animals.  The only thing that I had not seen was a bald eagle.  Karen and I were out on a hiking trail when she looked up into the sky and saw a rather large bird and I got my camera out and tracked it and zoomed in but it was only an osprey.  As I was trying to get a picture of it, which was easier said than done for me, but I finally got one that I liked, when I put the camera down and as I was looking up a bald eagle zoomed right over my head like he was doing a fly by.  Now in my mind it seemed like it was probably ten feet above me, but Karen swears it was more like fifty.  Either way it was a pretty cool experience except for the fact that I was caught so unaware that I did not have time to get my camera back up to my eye to get a picture.

This photo was taken at bird refuge near St. Louis, Missouri called the World Bird Sanctuary.  It is a great place to see bald eagles if you are in the St. Louis area.  I picked this as my number one wildlife picture that I have taken so far, and I stress so far because I plan on getting a lot more that will make this one pale in comparison.  I picked this photo for a couple of reasons, the first is that I was able to fill the frame with a decently sharp picture.  Not having professional equipment and the right know how makes my photography more of a trial an error than setting out with a purpose, but I feel I am getting better.  The second reason is probably the sharpness of the eye.  I have heard that if you want to take pictures of animals you have to capture their eyes and in this photo I feel that I did.

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    Wow so nice! I like this site. Keep it working every day.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Thanks, I am just trying to get as close to your wonderful photography as I can.

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