Mar 12

Monday Musing: The To Do List

To Do List Karen and I are have a long…long list of things to do.  Some go in the category of needs to be done by the end of the week, others go into the category of needing to be done before the baby gets here, and our final category is things that we want to get to sometime in the not so distant future.  Like I said we have lots of goals on our list that needs to be checked off.  The bad part is our list keeps getting longer each day, and we are working hard to get them done, but at times it seems like we are running in wet mud and just not getting very far.

We have noticed that putting a little fire (or baby) on our backside has helped us accomplish some of our house remodeling goals.  We are still a long ways away from having the house completed the way that we want, but by the end of this month half of our house will be complete, which is a good thing because we are getting closer to the due date.  One of the many blessings of Karen getting pregnant was the fact that I am working a lot harder on the house than I was just a year ago.

Besides life goals we have plenty of things on our bucket list that we want to accomplish, which most of those things have been put on the backburner since we checked off our bucket list “get pregnant.”  We understand that those things that were important before deciding to have a baby became a lot less important.  It really put things in priority and really changed our to do or goal list.  I keep telling myself I will be so happy when we get the nursery set up, and the floors in the living room in, and the fireplace resurfaced, but then there will be another set of things to accomplish ahh… the joys of owning a home.
15 of the way there

Then there are the other more “selfish” things that I have put on my list, everything from running to writing this blog.  Trying to fit in time to run between grading papers, taking care of things that Karen should not be doing while she is pregnant (laundry, dishes, and housework) and writing this blog really monopolizes my time.  Unluckily for me I have been suffering with allergies this spring so my running time as been basically down to nothing, but has given me more time to do other things on my list.

The good thing about having a to do list is getting that marker out and crossing that line off my list, and seeing that list get one shorter.  I have always had fun seeing the fruit of my labor especially when it seems like I am just spinning my wheels not getting anywhere.  I know when that fireplace is done, and the floor is down, and the crib and all the rest is finally in the nursery it will be a good day despite the fact that it took months longer then it probably should have.   When it is done I will not care that it took a month or year I will just be glad that Karen will be happy with it, and in end when you are married that is all that you can ask for is to have a happy wife.
Happy Wife Happy Life

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