Mar 07

Revisiting the Oklahoma City Zoo

Tiger Cub and Mom One of our favorite places to go visit are zoos.  They are usually very reasonably priced and provide hours of entertainment.  So last weekend, Karen and I decided to go back and see the Oklahoma City Zoo.  The reason for our recent visit was to check out some of the new animal additions to the zoo.  Over the last couple of months the Oklahoma City Zoo has had several animal births like three Sumatran tigers, a giraffe, and an okapi.
Baby Giraffe

Karen and I were excited about seeing the Sumatran Tigers because in times past when we have had the chance to see young big cats they are usually very playful.  Unfortunately, we had a late start to the day and the unseasonably warm weather had the tigers relaxing in the shade by the time we got to them.  They were still fun to watch and it was exciting seeing their protective mother keep an eye on them as the crowds got bigger and louder as they pointed out to each other how cute the young tigers are.  Hopefully the zoo will be able to keep them for a while and Karen and I will get a chance to see them again.
Young Tiger

After visiting the tigers Karen and I headed over to the Asian exhibit to see the zoos little Asian elephant named Malee who is now approaching her first birthday.  While Malee is always a delight to see Karen and I were both shocked to see a new male elephant the zoo has recently added.  The new elephant is named Rex and he comes to the OKC Zoo from a safari park in what I am pretty sure was Canada.  I am glad that the zoo is taking the next step in fulfilling their extremely well done Asian elephant exhibit.
Male and Female Asian Elephant

After seeing the elephants Karen and I went to see the new giraffe and okapi in their hoof stock area.  The giraffe was out in full view, but the okapi was back in its building and only we could only catch fleeting glimpses of it.  Karen and I were just amazed at how this lanky just legs and neck animal can move so gracefully.
Young Giraffe

The Oklahoma City Zoo just seems to be getting better every time that we go, and we cannot wait until their master plan is completed over the next few years.

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