Mar 01

Wildlife Photography Number 3 – Red Panda

Red Panda The red panda is one of Karen’s favorite animals.  Anytime we go to a zoo she is always on the lookout for them.  In fact, we even stopped by the Knoxville Zoo when we were traveling through Tennessee just to see a baby red panda.  This picture was taken at the Oklahoma City Zoo.  Usually when we see them they are sleeping on a branch of a tree on this particular day we were lucky because the red panda was active and eating right in front of us.  Because it was enjoying its midmorning snack I was able to get several pictures of this red panda.

What I like about this picture was the fact that since we were so close to the animal I was able to fill the frame with red panda’s face giving a sharp in focus picture while the background was blurred.   The sun was very cooperative while I was shooting, but I wish it would have been lifting its head so some of that sunlight could have lit up its eyes to show the color off a little bit more.   This little guy was a lot of fun to take pictures of.  Watching him use his little tongue to reach and pull the leaves into its mouth.  Karen and I watched this red panda munch away for few minutes and then when it was full climb up onto a higher branch a take a nap.  I think this red panda had the right idea and after I get done posting I think I will have a little snack find a comfortable spot and take a nap.

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