Feb 25

Frustrations in Blogging

Blogging FrustrationsKaren had already been following several blogs and had actually started one just to keep a record of what we had been up to, but after about a year it had become too much to keep going and she let it go.  About a year later I thought we should start one back up, but this time we would both share in the work of it.  It sure beat trying to put all of our adventures in a real scrapbook since Karen and I have never been overly creative people.  So, we decided that this website was going to be our scrapbook.  Since we love to travel our first idea was to give an overview of the places that we had been that we would have a place to look back on and others could see what it was like for us.  The next thing we added was some of my photography which were followed by our remodeling projects.  We kept on adding new categories until we could just about write a post every day.  Not that we have to write one every day and some days it feels like a real chore to come up with an idea to write about and then find pictures and load everything, but after each time I hit publish I feel a little bit of pride knowing that our two-cents are out there riding the ever increasing highway that is the internet. 

If it was only as easy as coming up with an idea, taking a picture, and putting it together, which sometimes is not all that easy.  The technical side sometimes drives me up a wall.  I wish Karen or I were more computer literate and could fix some of the website problems that we have at a drop of a hat.  Some days it seems like our site will just up and decide to malfunction, things that were running smoothly the day before will up and decide that today they will not cooperate.  Then we have to backtrack and figure out how we got it to work in the first place and then figure out how to fix the problem.  The sad part is that most of the technical stuff is already done for us either through just cutting and pasting plugins or just finding a theme that we like and going with it.  However, since our computer knowledge is about as good as rubbing two sticks together to make a torch, even the easiest things can make us frustrated.  The only bright spot is that I can say that we are at least learning a little as we are going along.     
To Blog or Not to Blog Cartoon

What makes it really frustrating at times is when we will get it the way that we want, and then I will go and do something stupid and update part of the blog programs.  Now I know that 9 times out of 10 when I do that some other part will become disabled or disappear, but I do it anyway.  I guess that I have just been brainwashed to click on the word update anytime that it appears, and the sad part is that as soon as I do it for the next half-hour I will be asking Karen why in the word did I just do that. 

So, if you are ever reading our blog and see something amiss just know that I probably just hit the update button on something or other, and for the rest of the night I will be trying to get it up and running like it was before.  At this point you might be wondering ‘why in the world do they blog?’  Well, despite the fact that I am complaining about it right this instance, in the next I will be checking to see how many hits we have had today.  It is always a big kick for us to see that somebody from another country or across the United States spent some time reading about what we have been up to, or even better is when we get a comment or an email about things that we said or have done.  Like always, Karen and I would like to take the time to thank everybody that has stopped by to read our humble scrapbook. 

Pictures via 1st http://www.villagecomputertutor.com/assets/images/desk_pc202.jpg
2nd http://pedagogy.cwrl.utexas.edu/files/images/blogging.jpg


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  1. freda phillips

    I can only imagine how frustrating it can be. I wish I knew more about computers. I don’t know where to start asking questions.

    1. Kenny and Karen

      Eventually we get it to work out in the end, but figuring it out is the hard part.

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